Red Dead Redemption 2: Every Random Encounter In Saint Denis

Red Dead Redemption 2 is just a big and exciting game as its predecessor, providing players with a surprising amount of detail and charm, more than any Rockstar title before. Whether it’s new items, animals, or just beautiful sights, every corner of the map has something for players to experience.

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Random encounters, one such inhabitant of the classic open world formula that’s been popularized and growing since the earliest days of open world gaming, is in no lack in RDR2. Whether players are seeking them out, or come across them by chance, the world has quite a few quirks and immersive moments to keep players interested in their surroundings. While exploring Saint Denis alone, there are some fun randomized bits to look out for between missions.

8 Lawmen Brutality

Much like real life, RDR2 is no stranger to crime and the mishandling of it by people in authority. The lawmen throughout the game make themselves fairly undesirable, and as the player explores Saint Denis they will likely come across one said man chasing a thief through the streets. The thief, in this instance, makes it clear that they’re apologetic for the crime, but the lawman doesn’t give in and resorts instead to beating the man crudely before knocking him out. The player can respond however they please, but their choices won’t affect the game much.

7 Street Urchins

Street urchins are a common sight between the many cities of RDR2, but these two specifically are a bit of a hassle.

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As the player passes them by, the children will rudely insult the player, only to start running anticipating backlash. If the player chases them, they’ll be led into a large group of ambushers with guns, who will demand money or else resort to violence. If prompted, the children run away and alert the police, who will incur a wanted level.

6 Back-Alley Mugging

This event is no surprise given its execution. As the player walks through Saint Denis by night, they may be encountered by someone at the entrance to an alleyway who asks them if they’d like to know how to “make a lot of money quickly.” The player will then be beckoned into the alleyway where, if they follow, they will be ambushed by thugs and knocked out, only to awaken with a much lighter wallet. The caveat here is that the player can’t fight back, so anyone looking for an inconsequential street brawl won’t find it here.

5 Rat Extermination

Regulars of Doyle’s Tavern in Saint Denis will be more than familiar with its rampant rat problem. If they player finds themselves here, the bartender will recognize their gear and request their assistance with said rats.

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The fun part about this mission, if the player is to help, is that it’s a good look into Saint Denis’ rat problem as a whole and the player will likely find themselves encountering the rodents at further points in their exploration. If the player hunts these rats in the streets, they will earn a small amount of honor for their efforts.

4 Bronte’s Goons

Bronte himself makes much more of a roadblock for the player’s progression in Saint Denis, seeing as his HQ is set up in the very town the player is now visiting. Unfortunately, his men are stationed around the city with the explicit purpose of making life harder for the player (at least in terms of gameplay), and one such group in the mansions area will spur a fight if the player gets too close. Seeing as this is a mid-city encounter, the player will either find blood on their hands, or dripping along the streets as they escapes the lawmen alerted by the noise.

3 Bronte’s Ambush

As if the mansion area goons weren’t bad enough, Bronte’s men are also awaiting the player outside the city, and will stop them as they make their inevitable leave.

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Bronte’s men will incur a fight with the player, which can be dealt with by traditional means without worrying too much about law intervention. Unlike the city-dwelling mobmen, these ones are far enough outside of city limits that nobody but Bronte himself will likely see the damage.

2  Lemoyne Raiders

In the North side of Saint Denis, Lemoyne’s Raiders will be causing their usual trouble, throwing firebombs at a building before running away. Lemoyne’s men are known for being a bit more than irritating, and this is yet another inconsequential reiteration of that fact. The player’s intervention won’t do much here, aside from the gained satisfaction of thinning Lemoyne’s numbers.

1 The Vampire

Much like it’s real-life counterpart New Orleans, Saint Denis holds quite a few dark secrets in its streets. One of these is a mystery the player finds themselves unraveling through some morbid curiosity after discovering several hidden messages scrawled across the walls of the town. If the player discovers all 5 messages, they will discover a star-shaped map across Saint Denis, leading them to a specific location in the central city. If investigated at a specific time, a creature of the night will soon make itself evident as it feasts on a corpse. On further insight, this creature reveals himself to be none other than the infamous vampire Nosferatu.

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