Red Dead Online: The 7 Most Expensive Horses & Are They Worth It

Nothing is more sacred than the bond between man and his horse. Thanks to the immaculate graphics and design, players all around the world get to experience this feeling through the Red Dead Redemption games. Everyone who plays this game knows that buying a horse is just as much about the gut feeling as it’s about speed, stamina, or handling. It’s about compatibility.

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The most elite and expensive horses can be inferior to the gorgeous mustangs players find and break-in, but they could also become the best companions if they’re given a chance. Also, with a well-bred, tougher horse, the chances of them dying are lower, taken that players don’t run them off a cliff.

7 The Amber Champagne Missouri Fox Trotter – $950

Judging by appearance, the Amber Champagne Fox Trotter gives the most rustic and classic look in the game, with its strong build and earthy colors. Any rider would look like the one to look out for on the back of this horse.

This horse can be used both as a racehorse or a workhorse and has the potential to max out the speed statistics if trained right. This horse is a great asset because it can adapt to most types of labor. Being one of the more affordable of the expensive horses, this is a great find, as it can have the characteristics of the high-class horses with correct training. Overall, this companion would be a great investment.

6 The Splashed Piebald Gypsy Cob – $950

For the type of player who appreciates long expeditions and gets into fights often, the Splashed Piebald Gypsy Cob is the perfect horse. Known for their amazing temperament and intuition, this luxury breed is fearless and powerful, with great stamina. They’re harder to purchase because players have to be a Level 20. After that, they have to purchase the Naturalist role to unlock the “splashed” coats in the game.

Once someone unlocks these horses, the smartest decision would be to purchase this unique horse. This is one of the most powerful horses with the highest stamina and health, making them great in combat, as they can take plenty of bullets. One thing’s for sure: these horses will be hard to get rid of, and they’ll keep the character alive through the worst the West has to offer. Taking all of this, and its relatively low price into consideration, for the right type of player, this could be the absolute perfect horse.

5 The Spotted Tricolor Norfolk Roadster – $950

For players who wouldn’t want to compromise on pace, after reaching Level 20, they should unlock a different breed instead of the ‘splashed’ coats. The Norfolk Roadster has the highest stamina and speed in the game, making them perfect for traveling if the player overlooks the low health bar and harder handling.

Next to the Spotted Tricolor, the Dappled Buckskin Norfolk Roadster is the best in this category. If someone is looking for a horse with a wider selection of abilities and a tougher build, this is not a good investment. For those Baby Drivers who love to race through the terrains as fast as possible, this horse can give them that high for sure.

4 The Black Arabian Horse – $1,050

The first horse whose price is higher than $1000 is the Black Arabian Horse. Arabian horses, as in the real world, are very well known in the world of Red Dead Redemption. This horse’s handling is off the charts, as well as the potential speed when trained correctly. Out of the Arabian Horses, this is one of the best investments in the long run. It costs less than its namesakes but is almost the same when it comes to the stats.

With its pitch-black coating, anyone riding this horse would be as intimidating as one of the four horsemen.

3 The High-Class Missouri Fox Trotters – $1,125

A great name for a boy band, the Missouri Fox Trotter horses can be found in four breeds. The Blue Roan- (added to Red Dead Online in December 2020), the Black Tovero-, the Buckskin Brindle-, and the Dapple Grey Missouri Fox Trotter. These horses are known for their calm demeanor, making them very easy to handle. Their great stamina and strong build make them excellent workhorses, and they’re very fast as well.

Each breed has a different coat, so if a player falls in love with these horses, they have a wide selection to choose from, all at the same price. Statistic-wise, all of these horses are the same and have similar potentials after training. Considered Jack of all, master of none, this horse is a safe investment for players who love the thrill of racing as well as utilizing workhorses. People can never go wrong with this one.

2 The White Arabian Horse – $1,200

One of the most well-known horses in the game, the White Arabian horse is the rarest players can find in Red Dead OnlineThey can be found in the wild if they look near Lake Isabella in Ambarino (North on the map).

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Broken in, these horses can max out almost all statistics, making them the best horses to handle. But because of their fiery temper, breaking in and training can be a struggle. For players who have the patience and time to deal with this horse, the results will be worth it.

1 The Rose Grey Bay Arabian Horse – $1,250

The Rose Grey Bay Arabian Horse is the most expensive in Red Dead Online. They have a warm-grey coat, with white accents and a brown mane, making them a very special find to show off with.

This horse comes with the best starting statistics. Broken in, they also have the potential to max out all statistics (speed, stamina, handling, acceleration, and health). Arabian horses are known for their rarity and fiery temperament that makes them hard to train, but once they’re broken in, they’re one of the most loyal companions in the game. Players who are motivated enough to save up for it rarely regret the investment.

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