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Fans of Red Dead Online will likely want to log in for new Telegram Missions. Rockstar Games revealed that additional content is coming to the open world multiplayer Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was praised by many for its story and authentic map full of detail. Despite bringing the full location to Red Dead Online, the multiplayer has not managed to capture audiences as easily. While updates to the mode have been slim, Rockstar Games is now putting forth some extra activities for fans.

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A post from Rockstar Games newswire goes into detail about the release for Red Dead Online. Those who enjoy exploring the open world can now partake in three new missions for monetary rewards. Available via telegram from “J,” these events are specifically for solo play. Players can recognize the missions by the individual names, A One Horse Deal, Rich Pickings, and Outrider.

The first mission centers around the infamous Braithwaites and a deal they have for a rare horse from Emerald Ranch. Players will need to pilfer the animal and deliver it to the contact to complete the quest. Rich Pickings brings fans back to Red Dead Online’s St. Denis, where they will partake in a heist for valuable jewels. In classic Western fashion, Outriders sees gamers defending a covered wagon while it travels out of Brittlebrush Trawl. Each mission has three difficulty settings and can be started by grabbing the telegram from the Post Office or Camp Lockbox.

More content for Red Dead Online will be good news for those who still enjoy what the multiplayer has to offer. While it is still a far cry from a whole new role or map zone, these missions should provide some enjoyment for a while. On the upside, none of them require having a posse or group of friends to play either. Therefore, those who like playing the game solo will have something to do other than hunting animals or going fishing.

Then again, hardcore fans of the multiplayer may see these missions as not enough. GTA Online receives additional updates even though it is older than Red Dead Online. But Rockstar Game’s Western counterpart gets a handful of solo quests after months of sparse updates. Some may find it frustrating that these assignments cannot even be done as a group, which is a big part of the multiplayer experience. In any case, most fans will take whatever they can get and these Telegram Missions could be worth the time to complete.

Red Dead Online is available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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