Red Dead Online: 10 Things You Need To Do In New Austin

In Red Dead Online, players will most likely want to explore the new regions of the game. For fans of the first Red Dead game, revisiting New Austin offers some new experiences. New activities and roles will allow players to experience New Austin in a brand new way, either with bounty hunting or searching the desert.

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With a few different towns throughout the region, players can find missions and objectives to complete. Some players might even find the time to go fishing and hunting. With the new activities introduced in Red Dead II, players are sure to find something to entertain themselves with.

10 Try To Make It To Mexico

Players were able to travel to Mexico in the first game, but they do not have the chance in the sequel. That is, they do not have a legitimate chance. Through the use of glitches, players can travel through Nuevo Paraíso again.

By performing a glitch, players can make their way to Mexico. The only place that will have buildings is El Presidio, with the rest of the area being empty. The shape of the land will match the Mexico of the first game, letting players explore a new area.

9 Complete Stranger Missions In Free Roam

Players can complete some free roam missions for the strangers located in New Austin. There are four of them in total – Shaky and James Langton give negative honor while Sheriff Freeman and Bonnie MacFarlane give positive honor. Depending on which person the player goes to, different types of missions will be given.

The negative honor missions will require players to kill others, destroy wagons, and break people out of prison. Sheriff Freeman will ask the player to help with repossessions and escorts, while Bonnie will ask the player to deliver items and hunt wildlife.

8 Explore A Familiar Area

Anyone who has played the first game will recognize a lot of areas around New Austin. While there are familiar areas, some places have changed a little bit. For instance, there is no Warthington Ranch or Butter Bridge in the Online version of the game. As expected as well, there is no bridge from New Austin to Mexico.

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With updated graphics, players will be able to explore a region they came to know so well. Being set about 20 years before the first game, a few structures and towns take on a different appearance.

7 Experience An Occupied Tumbleweed

While venturing in New Austin, players will come across the town of Tumbleweed. Fans of the first game will remember Tumbleweed was a ghost town overrun by a gang. It would seem that in its prime, Tumbleweed was a bustling town in the region.

Players are able to buy items from the shops around the town and go into the saloon for a drink. Players can even find the stranger named Sheriff Freeman in the town, completing missions around the town. It is sad to think the town will turn into nothing in a few years.

6 Look For Points Of Interest

Like every region in the game, players can find some points of interest in New Austin. This can come in the form of a crashed hearse with an empty coffin to a crashed airship. Players could also look through the cemeteries in the region to see references to popular culture and humorous graves.

There is nothing like coming across something unexpected as players travel through the desert. Taking out the camera and snapping a picture of the site is a good way to remember the player’s travels.

5 Take A Fishing Trip

Sometimes it’s just nice to take a break and fish. New Austin has some good fishing spots as well, allowing players to fish in Lake Don Julio, the San Luis River, and the Sea of Coronado. Finding a nice spot along one of these areas away from players can be peaceful.

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On top of having some innocent fun, the fish can be sold for a profit. Nothing like making some money from a task as simple as catching a few fish.

4 Search For Collectibles

Players with the collector role will be able to search for items throughout the game’s world. In New Austin, players will have a reason to go off into the desert and the abandoned houses. Inside of chests in the houses, alcohol bottles or family heirlooms can be found.

On top of that, players can use a metal detector to locate coins, arrowheads, and fossils. Certain events may also play out in the cemeteries around the region, with the player being asked to dig up a grave. Just be ready to run, lawmen might come after the player.

3 Hunt For Legendary Animals

With the naturalist role, players can go after legendary animals. These animals can be found while roaming around New Austin or players can be assigned to find them. When going after these animals, players can either sedate them and bring them to Harriet Davenport or kill the animal for Gus Macmillan.

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If the animal is killed, players can unlock unique clothing. The legendary animals can be found throughout New Austin, with examples of them being a cougar, an elk, or a coyote.

2 Start A Gang Fight

Thieve’s Landing is a place full of outlaws and gangs. Players looking for a fight against large groups of enemies should head to the town. Shooting one person in the street is enough to turn the entire town against them. It is also a good way to practice survival.

No lawmen will come in to attack the player, meaning there is no worry about a bounty. Locations for a good defense include the boat and the top of the buildings. If the player happens to die, they do not have to worry about being attacked again unless they start it.

1 Go Bounty Hunting

With how big and open New Austin is, bounty hunting brings a bit of a challenge. Getting a bounty from Tumbleweed or Armadillo can send players into gang hideouts or close to mines. The openness also challenges the player to sneak up on enemies, possibly bringing them in alive.

The openness of the region also makes for a good horse chase. After killing or capturing a target, bringing the body back to the prison will give the player a nice reward.

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