The idea is that our long-standing heroes are faced with an evil arch-nemesis that uses a dimensional tunnelling device known as the Dimensionator. Weapons are always at the forefront of the experience of Ratchet, and DualSense gives us powerful new tools to take the unique personality of each weapon even further. To make the physical element of firing a weapon sound distinctly textured and believable, haptics are combined with the controller speaker.

The SSD at 9GB/sec will be used to project players between new worlds (and new take on old classics, as we have been able to glimpse Ardolis, Sargasso, and Torren IV in the trailers) at almost instantaneous speeds without waiting for load screens. Speed in Rift Apart will set it apart from everything else that produced in the past.

To create a truly intergalactic adventure, Insomniac takes advantage of the new PS5 console state-of-the art technology.