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Rare is officially adding to its Everwild team. The company isn’t shy about its search for a senior designer to help develop its upcoming game Everwild, even going so far as to advertise the position on social media.

Everwild was first shown off at XO19 by the Sea of Thieves developer. However, other than an initial reveal and a short video showing off the art style in the game, there isn’t a great deal known about the title. A subsequent trailer showed off that player characters in the world are known as “Eternals,” and that they have a special bond with that world’s magical nature. Rare has billed the project as something that is completely different from anything else out there, but just how it will stand out in a very crowded field isn’t yet known.

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Whatever Rare has up its sleeve, it appears production is entering a new phase, as designer Gregg Mayles posted a call for a new hire on Twitter. Mayles tweeted that it doesn’t happen very often, but the company is looking to add a Senior Designer. He also quote tweets a post from the company’s official account, making it clear the position is going to be working on Everwild.

Rare’s attempts to make this game something different from what’s available is demonstrated in the official job listing as well. When describing what the new Senior Designer must bring to the table, the company said it wants someone who can “draw their own maps,” and went on to say that Everwild isn’t following the old ones. Problem-solving is also mentioned a few times throughout the job listing, and Rare goes out of its way to make sure whoever it hires needs to be able to build as well as plan. Having the experience of constructing mechanics and using game creation tools was also highlighted as being “very helpful.”

Rare has already had a bit of a shuffle on its development team. Late last year, Everwild Creative Director Simon Woodroffe left the company, and neither Rare nor Woodroffe commented on why the two parties went their separate ways. It’s not clear why Rare decided it needs to hire a new Senior Designer at this point in development. While the company has let a few details slip here and there, when the game is launching has not yet been announced, and seeking new hires means it may still be a while.

Everwild is in development for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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