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Rage 2 is Avalanche Studios’ first-person shooter game that’s got every fans’ attention. Eight years after the release of the first game, players didn’t know what to expect exactly for the sequel. As a first-person shooter game, it presents very well, but as an open-world game, on the other hand, it fell flat for a lot of fans.

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Some of the biggest lures in Rage 2 are the Nanotrites that turn players into murderous machines. These give the character abilities that make the game that much more fun and interesting to play with. But with all sorts of Nanotrites to explore, which one is considered to be the biggest asset, and why?

11 Grav-Jump

Grav-Jump is essentially a double jump. It’s something that isn’t necessarily missed if not there, but players get used to it quickly once they taste the sweet savor of the Grav-Jump. This is the least exciting or useful ability in the game, but it shouldn’t be neglected. It can save valuable seconds or even avoid death.

The other reason for the Grav-Jump ranking so low is that this skill is most useful when combining with another ability, like Slam. But once combined, it can maximize the fun and awesomeness in the gameplay.

10 Rush

Rush is another ability that won’t make the game more awesome but is a luxury people get addicted to. Rush – as stated by the name – will give the player a brief sprint-boost that can come in handy in the middle of combat. While the game does have a fast-travel system, this short sprint comes in very handy during combat.

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This skill makes an appearance in some form in most combat games and is loved by many, making it a classic. And once a player has Rush, they will surely use it more often than they’d think.

9 Dash

Dash is used as a dodge in Rage 2, avoiding death, throwing off the enemy’s aim, or evading attacks. It’s something that’s included in most games, and it would be sorely missed if not present.

This is an ability that players will use often, and they’ll acquire Dash in the first mission of the campaign. Therefore, all there’s left to do is upgrade its maximum capacity, and use it well.

8 Shatter

Shatter will send enemies flying and will break armors easily. This is a handy skill to use often in the heat of combat, especially if there’s no other way out. Shatter looks awesome, is very useful, and players can feel like Star Wars characters when applying it.

With three levels, this ability is maxed out at 150%, so upgrading should not be neglected. This is one of the more basic high-damage skills one should acquire quickly, and upgrade even faster.

7 Focus

Focus is great for a number of things. It highlights enemies, detects Arks, and pulls in nearby Feltrite. This ability is gained in the very first mission and should be used often to make the life of the player easier. It’s a beloved skill that should be used with its maximum potential of level 3, that can do all of the above with a hundred-meter radius.

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This ability is best for those skilled players who like to plan ahead rather than running into an open fire. With this advantageous skill, they can plan out which enemy will be the first to go. With Focus, Rage 2 becomes an epic game of chess.

6 Slam

A Slam will literally slam the player’s fist into the ground, creating a massive shockwave. It will send every enemy and object flying in all directions.

Apart from improving the damage inflicted by upgrading to a maximum of 150%, the impact also increases with height. Slam is not only an epic skill but also very aesthetically pleasing for those who like using these formidable abilities.

5 Constitution

This almost indispensable skill is acquired by players in the first mission of the campaign. Constitution is an automatic cellular regeneration tool that heals injuries and protects from oncoming damage.

Constitution also regenerates health when picking up Feltrite. While its first level is only good for a tiny amount of bullet protection, it has five different levels, and the highest will reduce bullet damage by 40%. This is an ability that most would miss if it weren’t added, giving a huge advantage in the gameplay.

4 Vortex

Apart from pulling together close-by enemies and then blasting them in all directions, the Vortex ability can also be used to launch the players into the air. This is a multifunctional ability that makes the game that much more fun and awesome.

The Vortex is maxed out in its third level, which increases the strength and range by 200%, so this ability gains most with upgrading. Combat-loving players love to use this potent tool as it’s very powerful and its effects are very cool.

3 Barrier

The Barrier protects players from bullets and explosions. It’s one of the most useful abilities in the game. Although it’s not as awesome in combat as the others, if players want to live to see the awesomeness, the Barrier is much needed.

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This is the best option for those who like close combat and there aren’t any available covers nearby. On level 1, the Barrier works for 10 seconds; on the maximum level, this Nanotrite protects for 15 seconds, providing a great advantage to players. This is definitely one of the first abilities that players should add to their arsenal.

2 Defibrillation

Another vital ability for intense combat situations, Defibrillation saves players from death by adding a small amount to their health, launching them back into action. This skill was brought back from the first game, so it’s well-known by the fans of the franchise.

This is another ability that players should obtain quickly, as Defibrillation makes a huge difference and, despite the game’s name, players don’t want to spend most of their time in deep rage. The Nanotrite has five levels, the maximum giving 25% health back to the player.

1 Overdrive

This is what Rage 2 is all about. Obtained in the first campaign mission, Overdrive supercharges players, restoring their health and increasing their damage. It’s the most-used power in the game, and this ability can be charged by the number of kills a player collects.

To charge faster, players need to keep a high multiplier. This ability can be leveled up as well, but the level-ups only affect the health regeneration property of this Nanotrite. At level 4, which is the maximum, Overdrive offers a 130% increase in regeneration.

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