Quantic Dream Opens New Studio in Montreal, Working on New Game

Early last month, David Cage, the founder of Detroit Become Human developer Quantic Dream, promised fans they can expect some big new announcements throughout 2021. Today, the CEO revealed that the company has opened a brand new studio and, as expected, it is working on an ambitious and innovative new game slated to release in the coming years.

Revealed through an exclusive interview with IGN, Cage announced that a “human-sized” team has been established over in Montreal, telling the publication that the idea behind the decision isn’t to pump out games as quickly as possible. Instead, Quantic Dream has sought to find and employ “the best and most experienced talents” from across the industry, with the goal of putting together AAA games that push the boundaries of the medium.

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He goes on to enforce that this second team will not cut development time in half and hasn’t been founded to do so, reiterating: “Our goal is not to expand, nor accelerate cadence and become a ‘factory’ with this new studio.” The two teams will collaborate on the developer’s next game, however, with Cage teasing that he’s interested in “exploring new directions.” What that means in the context of Quantic Dream‘s current project remains to be seen, but it seems wise to assume it will still be a narrative-based adventure, with the director claiming that there are methods of exploring “moving and emotional stories” that the team hasn’t yet tackled.

It seems it won’t be in players’ hands anytime soon though, with General Manager Stéphane D’Astous, claiming: “The ambition of our next game is great and we will release it when it is ready.” Quantic Dream has been fairly busy in the years since the release of Detroit Become Human back in 2018, establishing itself as a multi-platform, self-publishing studio after years of operating exclusively with PlayStation. Its first act as a publisher was to port Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit to PC, with the titles initially hitting The Epic Games Store before eventually coming to Steam.

Whatever it’s working on next is sure to bring in a lot of players, with Detroit becoming a significant success for the studio both on PlayStation 4 and PC. The game has managed to sell 5 million copies during its lifetime, which marks it as one of the company’s most successful ventures. It’ll be interesting to see if the success leads to Quantic Dream’s next game being a sequel, especially considering many of the original Detroit’s conclusions left things open to a second story. However, it seems more likely the team will opt to establish a new IP, with the developer yet to make a follow-up to any of its existing games.

Quantic Dream’s next project is currently in development.

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Source: IGN