PUBG Mobile Celebrates Third Anniversary With Electronic Music Square

PUBG Mobile turns three this month, and developer Tencent celebrates the milestone with a massive update. The new content includes new weapons and vehicles, a musical game mode, a CG movie, and more.

The new 1.3 update to PUBG Mobile went live on Tuesday. The update’s main feature is the Hundred Rhythms mode, which players can experience now on the game’s popular Erangel map.

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According to the announcement, “When players queue for the new variant, they will be prompted to choose one of three special armbands on Spawn Island, which boast unique in-game powers.” Tencent showed off some of the new powers introduced to PUBG Mobile in the 30-second trailer accompanying the announcement. These powers include an activatable ghillie suit, energy barrier, and throwable scanning device to reveal nearby opponents. Players can also upgrade their abilities by collecting cassette tapes hidden around the map.

The Hundred Rhythms mode also adds an electronic music square to PUBG Mobile’s Erangel map. It includes a music arcade machine and a DJ stage that plays remixes of original music from PUBG Mobile. That’s not all, as Tencent promises more music beginning with the game’s third anniversary on March 15th. So, fans won’t have to wait long for more electronic beats from the popular mobile battle royal.

Update 1.3 also adds a new weapon, vehicle, and Metro Royale chapter. The bolt-action Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle replaces the Kar98K in some parts of the Erangel and Vikendi maps. It’s just as powerful but with less damage drop-off at long range. Meanwhile, two-player teams can take to the sky in the new Motor Glider aerial vehicle. Then there is the new “Uncover” chapter to Metro Royale, continuing the Metro: Exodus crossover event.

And don’t forget the CG movie that fans can watch now on the PUBG Mobile YouTube channel. Titled “The Growth,” the short video focuses on PUBG Mobile players’ growth over the last three years, showcasing a four-person team’s journey from rookies to champions. Also, it showcases the journey of the frying pan from a joke weapon to a lethal stealth attack.

PUBG Mobile is available now on Android and iOS.

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