PUBG Mobile Adding Karakin Map | Geisha411

A brand new map has arrived in PUBG Mobile. The map Karakin is available now inside of the very popular mobile battle royale.

PUBG Mobile has made over 5 billion dollars, and it continues to be supported heavily. The newest example of this is a map that combines the tension of Miramar with the fast-paced action of Sanhok.

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Karakin is a 64 player map that offers a variety of locales and styles of gunplay, including mountainous ranges, cities, and dark undergrounds. There are also some key features within the new map, including thin walls spread throughout areas of Karakin that can be penetrated by bullets; a first for PUBG Mobile.

The Karakin map will also feature a Demolition Zone feature. With this, a purple area will appear on the mini-map and an alarm will go off, which will indicate danger. Random damage will occur inside the zone and buildings will even take damage. Additionally, a new throwable weapon, a sticky bomb, is being added. And lastly, The Panzerfaust is also being added with the new map.

PUBG Mobile continues to be supported and developed in interesting ways. However, with the upcoming PUBG: New State, it will be intriguing to see where the mobile battle royale goes next. PUBG: New State will be releasing late this year for mobile, and will look to in some ways overtake PUBG: Mobile, even as the current mobile PUBG experience is doing very well. The franchise as a whole is doing rather unique things right now; exciting for the fanbase.

PUBG Mobile is available for Android and iOS devices.

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