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Last week, Sony confirmed the heartbreaking news that it would be shutting down the PlayStation Store for its legacy platforms: the PS3, PSP, and PS Vita. As expected, this caused people to rush to the PlayStation Store on these older platforms to make any final purchases that they may want of digital-only or hard to find games. Unfortunately, many users have been unable to download or purchase games through the PlayStation Store, especially on PS3, where error codes continue to persist.

The problems with the PlayStation 3 PlayStation Store have been going on for a week at this point, with users commonly running into the PS3 error codeĀ 80029721 whenever they try to purchase a new game or download a previous purchase. Sony has yet to comment on the PS3 error code issues, and so it’s unclear exactly when fans can expect the problem to be resolved. But with it being a week removed from the announcement, the theory that the problems were caused by an overload of traffic seems far less likely.

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Sony has said that PlayStation gamers will be able to re-download any previously-purchased games, but the ongoing issues with the legacy PlayStation Store doesn’t instill much confidence. One has to imagine that the PS3 PlayStation Store issues will be resolved by the time the shut down happens on July 2, but Sony’s lack of acknowledge of the ongoing issues is still concerning.

When the PlayStation Store shuts down on PS3, PSP, and PS Vita, there will be some games that are lost forever. There are quite a few digital-only PS3 games that will simply cease to exist, and that is especially disappointing for video game preservationists.

Not only that, but the PlayStation Store has been a great way for fans to access certain PS1 and PS2 games without having to pay an arm and a leg for the physical versions. There are many PS1 classics that cost hundreds of dollars if players purchase the physical disc, yet are available on the PlayStation Store for a mere $6. While some of these classic games have made their way to the PC and other platforms, many others remain pure PS1 exclusives, and they will be significantly harder to play once the PlayStation Store is shut down.

Those who are still running into PS3 error codeĀ 80029721 and the various other error codes should sit tight for now. The problem definitely seems to be on Sony’s end of things, and so hopefully there’s a fix sooner rather than later.

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