PS Plus Free Games for February 2021 Check Off All the Right Boxes

PlayStation Plus subscribers can claim their three games for the month now, with these being Destruction AllStars, Control: Ultimate Edition, and Concrete Genie. Needless to say, while the reviews for Destruction AllStars probably aren’t exactly what Lucid Games was looking for, it’s an overall impressive month.

Indeed, it would seem the last time PS Plus had a “bad” month was May 2020 when its select titles were Farming Simulator 19 and Cities: Skylines. Many fans were in an uproar, with even many signing a petition to change the games for the month, yet this is all a matter of opinion ultimately. Narrowing down what makes a good PS Plus month and what makes the rare bad month isn’t an exact science, even if it’s obvious sometimes. Interestingly enough, though, PS Plus’ free games for February 2021 still manage to form the perfect checklist for a month of games.

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Arguably, Destruction AllStars is a game that seems like will develop a dedicated fanbase, even if the majority aren’t exactly thrilled by it. This game attempts to fill the same shoes as Fall Guys and Rocket League, but it misses the mark. This is okay, though, as the success of the two aforementioned games is special, and not every game (including a PlayStation Exclusive) can replicate that. Still, Destruction AllStars is likely to be played for quite some time, and it fills the niche of the “friendly” multiplayer game entry of PS Plus.

What this means, in terms of a month’s quality, is that PS Plus is working on uniting players. Even if Destruction AllStars‘ mic wasn’t ideal on day one, having ways to continue to play online and new games to play friends with is basically the heart of modern gaming.

Multiplayer isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, though. Many prefer strong single-player experiences, and Control: Ultimate Edition covers that front. Control sees players take on the role of Jesse Faden as she searches for her brother and battles relentless his. In many ways, it nails a modern video game adaptation of Star War‘s concept of The Force, but that’s neither here nor there.

Indeed, where Control comes in basically divides PS Plus subscribers into two camps this month. It’s totally possible to be in both camps, but for those who want a mindless, gimmicky multiplayer game, there’s Destruction AllStars. Those who want a fun, multiple hour romp with an interesting story have Control. PS Plus manages to take single-player and multiplayer this month and provide a little something for both of them, even if either game doesn’t scratch that particular itch either way.

If splitting PS Plus with a multiplayer and single-player game helps the service hit the check list, Concrete Genie is arguably what takes it to the next level. Control has likely been played by many (though this upgrade is free via this method), Destruction AllStars is brand new, but Concrete Genie released in 2019 as a game many may have slept on. It’s almost like the PS Plus approach this month is something old, something new, and something blue. Destruction AllStars is, in a way, out of the blue; Control: Ultimate Edition, in a way, is a new version of the game; and Concrete Genie, in a way, fills into the magic formula as something old.

But on top of that, Concrete Genie does have some optional VR elements to it. VR is still in its infancy, but there’s a real chance it’ll one day have a bigger impact on the gaming industry. Either way, while PS Plus occasionally includes a VR game, the option here doesn’t really limit anyone from playing it, however they choose. The limitations of its VR mode really isn’t that big of a deal either; it’s the idea more than anything else. With SP, MP, and VR all having some role in February’s games, as well as a unique and generally broad appeal to each game, PS Plus’ hotstreak is still clearly not slowing down—it’s still very much on fire.

PS Plus‘ free games for February 2021 are available now.

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