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Pokemon fans have had quite a lot on their plates recently. With the unpredictable explosion in popularity of Pokemon cards, the surprise announcement of a sequel to 1999’s Pokemon Snap, and most importantly, celebrations for the franchise’s 25th anniversary this year. However, one upcoming title that has flown under the radars of many is the upcoming Pokemon MOBA, Pokemon Unite.

Since the game was announced to mostly negative reception, very little has been officially released by The Pokemon Company and Tencent Games, aside from a closed beta for select players in China. Otherwise, information on the game has strictly come in the form of leaked screenshots and videos. But now, The Pokemon Company has officially announced plans for a Pokemon Unite regional beta test happening very soon.

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On the official Pokemon website, The Pokemon Company announced that since the the game’s initial announcement, there have been quite a few gameplay changes, graphical enhancements, and even more playable Pokemon added to Pokemon Unite. And even though it seems that there is still a decent amount of work to be done on the game, players located in Canada can partake in a regional beta test much like the one held in China this coming March.

Although the upcoming MOBA is slated to release for both Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, The Pokemon Company notes that this particular regional beta test will be limited to Android devices. Aside from the regional and device requirements, beta testers must also be at least 16 years of age. It is also noted that players’ in-game progress will be reset upon Pokemon Unite‘s official release, and that beta testers are not to capture or stream gameplay during the test. Any Canadian Android smart phone owners interested in registering for the regional beta test can do so in the Google Play Store. It will interesting to see if any more Pokemon Unite leaks come of this regional beta test.

Pokemon Unite is currently in development for Mobile devices and Switch.

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Source: The Pokemon Company