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It seems that Pokemon Sword and Shield fans will already have something to look forward to during the first week of February 2021. The Pokemon Company has just announced that the game will be hosting another special Max Raid event. This time, the event will feature the Water and Flying-type Cramorant, as part of the series of celebrations for the release of the franchise’s upcoming animated film, Pokemon Secrets of the Jungle.

Originally meant to be out on July 2020,the release of Pokemon Secrets of the Jungle was way-laid due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, even with delays in production, The Pokemon Company has not let up on its marketing efforts, and has even worked on a Pokemon GO-specific event to generate more awareness. With the movie’s release rumored to happen in 2021, the company has turned to Pokemon Sword and Shield this time to keep both fans and players excited about the upcoming film.

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The Cramorant special Max Raid event was announced recently via the Japanese variety show Oha Suta. In order to participate, players have log into their game accounts from February 4 until February 8, 2021. Doing so will allow them them to encounter more Cramorants in Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s Wild Area dens.

The special Max Raid event will have players encounter a Dynamax Cramorant that will be at Level 100. With the Pokemon known to be a Flying and Water type, players are recommended to build a powerful roster in Sword and Shield that will easily take advantage of Cramorant’s Rock and Electric-type weaknesses.

Much like the former Zeraora legendary Max Raid event, players are required to defeat as many Level 100 Cramorant raids as possible during the given time frame. Hitting the different milestones during the event will give the fans a variety of rewards. This includes a Flame Orb, Toxic Orb, and Light Ball, if 500,000 players are able to defeat the raid, while if 1,000,000 people defeat the raid, they will be rewarded with a Gold Bottle Cap, 3 Bottle Caps and 3 Pearl Strings.

Pokemon Sword and Shield players may notice another influx of online activity during the event’s duration, given how active players were during the Zeraora raid, and how easily they were able to defeat it in 2020. However, since the event’s rewards seem minor compared to being given the chance to redeem a free shiny legendary Pokemon, fans should set their expectations about this specific special Max Raid.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are currently available for the Nintendo Switch.

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