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As a brand that’s been around for decades, Pokemon has released its fair share of odd content. From Pokemon bras to Pokemon fishing lures, it sometimes seems that the Pokemon Company is merely trying to top itself. Well, if that is indeed the goal, the company may have succeeded with the new Machamp workout video.

For anyone who hasn’t visited the official Pokemon Kids TV YouTube channel, it’s a Teletubbies-esque place and doesn’t have the high traffic that might be expected from an official Pokemon channel. While it has uploaded a few videos with several million views, at the time of this writing only five people were watching the channel’s live stream. Maybe fans are feeling a sense of Pikachu overload with all the Pokemon 25th anniversary celebrations, though it’s possible these fans simply need to burn off some steam with Machamp.

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Enter Pokemon Kids TV’s Machamp workout video. The video features three Machamps doing 45 seconds of stretches, 50 seconds of leg kicks and air punches, and, of course, 30 seconds of cool down. The strong, four-limbed Pokemon recently got a brand new moveset in Pokemon Go, and now, thanks to the new video, fans can see the training required to pull off such moves.

Of course, viewers would need four arms to properly follow along with the exercises, though it isn’t too hard to do a two armed version of the muscle-building moves. Indeed, with enough rigorous training and dedicated practice, viewers may be able to pull off Machamp’s in-game moveset themselves.

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