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Out of all the resources in Pokemon GO for players to collect, Stardust is some of the most important. While normally a useless item only good for selling in the mainline games, the Stardust in Pokemon GO has multiple uses to help players get even stronger. Considering how important Stardust is, there are many different ways that players can obtain it. Some methods are more fruitful in others, separating the clueless Pokemon GO players from the veterans.

The biggest use for Stardust is increasing the power and CP of players’ Pokemon. This can only be done up until a certain point, which depends on a player’s level. Other uses include being a currency for trading with other players, unlocking a second charged attack for certain Pokemon, and purifying Shadow Pokemon.

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If players are trying to get as much Stardust as possible within a session, the best thing to do is use a Star Piece. This item increases the amount of Stardust players receive by 50% for 30 minutes after use. Players can get Star Pieces from various timed and special research tasks. They additionally can be directly purchased from the in-game Pokemon GO store.

The most common way to get Stardust is through just catching Pokemon. A basic Pokemon will give players 100 Stardust upon capture while an evolved Pokemon will give 300 Stardust. If a Pokemon is at its third evolutionary stage, it will give a base amount of 500 Stardust. All of these amounts are increased if the Pokemon is affected by weather boost with the first stage giving 125, the second giving 375, and the third giving 625 if the weather conditions are right.

When a player catches their first Pokemon of the day, they will be awarded an extra 1,800 Stardust. If players catch a Pokemon seven days in a row, this reward will be increased to 9,000 on the seventh day before resetting back to the original 1,800.

More methods of Stardust collection include hatching Pokemon eggs, completing Raid Battles, and opening up gifts from friends. Completing field and special research tasks also often provide players with Stardust rewards that can quickly add up.

Battling also can help players get more Stardust with plenty of Stardust rewards being available in the GO Battle League. Defeating Team GO Rocket members also helps provide good amounts of Stardust with more being offered depending how powerful the foe is. If players defeat a Team GO Rocket Grunt they will get 500 Stardust, a Leader will give 1,000 Stardust, and Giovanni will give players 5,000 Stardust.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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