Pokemon GO February 21 Research Breakthrough Reward Revealed

January is almost over, meaning that it will soon be time for a new research breakthrough reward in Pokemon GO. This also means there isn’t much time for players to get an encounter with Chansey, the January research breakthrough reward.

In order to get a research breakthrough in Pokemon GO, players need to complete a field research task at least once for seven days. These days don’t need to be consecutive, but the reward depends on what month the last task was completed in.

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Once players finish their field research in February, they will get an encounter with Snorlax, a pure Normal-type Pokemon from the Kanto region. Many Pokemon fans may remember Ash’s Snorlax that he caught on the Orange Islands, as well as the various Snorlax that block pathways in the games.

Once February begins, players will have the entire month to do field research tasks and work toward a research breakthrough. The breakthrough will additionally give players items that can help them catch more Pokemon and make them stronger.

When earning stamps for the field research breakthrough, both field research tasks obtained from PokeStops and those received as a free task from logging in can be redeemed. Players can even complete multiple field research tasks in a day, but only redeem one. By doing this, they can save the already completed task for another day to redeem and get the stamp.

Being a pure Normal-type, Snorlax is only weak to Fighting-type moves. This also means that Snorlax only resists Ghost-type moves. Luckily, Snorlax is capable of learning moves of types other than normal. This helps because there are no Pokemon types that have a weakness to Normal-type moves.

While there are many good movesets for Snorlax, there are two combinations that tend to do the best in PvP battles. For offensive players, the best moveset has Snorlax knowing Lick for its fast move and Hyper Beam for its charge move. Meanwhile, defensive players should use Zen Headbutt and Outrage.

Those wanting a Snorlax will have from the start of February to the end of March to gather stamps. With February also being the shortest month of the year, players will have the least amount of time to collect stamps compared to any other month’s field research breakthrough reward. This means that players wanting as many Snorlax as possible will need to stay on top of their game during February.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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Source: Pokemon GO Info