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Fans will likely agree that the Raid Battles in Niantic’s mobile title Pokemon GO are one of the most played features of the game. Raids let players encounter legendary Pokemon, even rare shiny Mythical Pokemon, giving them a chance to capture them and add them to their roster. So it is no small wonder that fans have noticed a dreadful bug that makes Raid bosses run away after players throw their first Poke Ball.

Even though Pokemon GO was introduced to the public long ago, the development team continues to work hard to implement many changes to keep the game relatively bug-free. However, sometimes issues still come up, like the recent Pokemon GO bug that makes shiny Pokemon disappear from their accounts. Given how often the game is updated with monthly events and activities, it is always likely that issues like these appear once in a while.

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Recently, Pokemon GO players have gone to the Reddit forums to complain about their awful experiences with Raid Battles. On Reddit, user Grimmgoddess22 shared a video of their shiny Latios capture experience as part of the recent Pokemon GO Valentine’s Collection Challenge activities. In the video, the legendary Pokemon suddenly runs away after the first Poke Ball is thrown, and the player is transported back to the world map, with the Pokemon nowhere to be found. 

Grimmgoddess22’s video also shows that they also did not receive any of the rewards normally given after a Raid Battle, which usually includes in-game XP and several useful items. Given how rare shiny legendary Pokemon encounters are in Raid Battles, it is common player knowledge that Pokemon GO provides a 100% catch rate. So this issue is most likely very frustrating for avid fans of the mobile game.

Many commenters on the thread also chimed in about witnessing the same bug in their own accounts. As a remedy, users suggested reporting the issue to Niantic so that their fellow players can get refunds on their Pokemon GO Remote Raid Pass, if that is what they used for the Raid Battle. However, given that the company has made no official statement regarding the issue, this fix may not yield the same results for each player.

With the Pokemon GO Kanto Tour activities happening within the month of February, fans are hopeful that Niantic will address the issue as soon as possible. Given how important Raid Battles are to the mobile title, losing the chance to capture elusive Raid Boss Pokemon can make or break a player’s in-game experience.

Pokemon GO is downloadable now on the App Store and Google Play.

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