Pokemon GO: Best Ultra League Premier Cup Teams (March 2021)

The Ultra League and the Ultra Premier Cup are now active in Pokemon GO. Both will be running from March 15th to March 29th at 4:00 PM, with players being able to challenge a variety of players in PVP battles of three Pokemon.

Each of these Pokemon GO leagues have their own limitations to what Pokemon players can use. For the Ultra League, players can only use Pokemon that have a CP amount under 2,500. The Ultra Premiere Cup, meanwhile, is even more limited with players only able to enter Pokemon under 2,500 CP that also aren’t considered legendary or mythical Pokemon.

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With the special restrictions for the Ultra Premier Cup, different Pokemon will be taking the crown compared to the normal Ultra League. Some of the best ones are even more powerful than the legendary Pokemon that would be barred from even entering.

With how many different Pokemon there currently are in Pokemon GO, there are plenty of different team compositions that are effective against other players. Some of the best will rely on XL candies in order to reach peak performance, while others can’t reach their full potential until after they are past the 2,500 CP limit.

The best Pokemon to take for the Ultra Premier Cup are:

Jellicent – Hex and Shadow Ball

Galarian Stunfisk – Metal Claw and Earth Quake

Machamp – Counter and Dynamic Punch

Scrafty – Counter and Foul Play

Abomasnow – Powder Snow and Razor Leaf

Mandibuzz – Snarl and Foul Play

Swampert – Mud Shot and Hydro Cannon

Politoed – Mud Shot and Weather Ball (Water)

Out of these Pokemon, the ones that need XL candy to be at their absolute best are Jellicent, Galarian Stunfisk, Scrafty, Abomasnow, Mandibuzz, and Politoed. Many of these Pokemon will also need plenty of candy in order for them to evolve into their final evolution.

After the Ultra League and the Ultra Premier Cup, players will then be able to participate in the Master League and the Master League Classic starting on March 29th. Players will also be able to once again enter their Pokemon with there being no limits for the Master League and the only limit for Master League Classic being only barred toward Pokemon that have used XL candies.

On April 5th, all of the battle leagues for the Pokemon GO Battle League will become available at once for all players to freely participate in. This will then end on April 12th, 2021 at 1:00 PM in PDT.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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Source: PvPoke