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Fans of any given series tend to find strange ways to show their appreciation for the years of content that the franchise has given them the opportunity to enjoy. One Pokemon fan in particular is taking that appreciation as an inspiration to undertake a pretty long crochet project centered around the many different looks of the franchise’s iconic Pokeballs.

Considering how many Pokeballs have appeared in the series up until this point, the fan is going to have quite a bit of work ahead of them if they’re looking to address every single one of them. Of course, other Pokemon fans were quickly excited by the project, wondering if at any point the specialized Pokeballs will be available for purchase anytime soon.

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According to a post on Reddit, user smugglehog is in the process of making every single Pokeball from the Pokemon series through crochet, starting with an initial progress showcase of a number of finished products. So far, each of these creations look stunning, with commenters pointing out designs like the Beast Ball as particularly great interpretations of the different styles available in the games. However, there is still a laundry list of Pokeballs to come that fans flocking to the post are excited to see, such as the Dive Ball, which is apparently on the way soon.

It appears that one benefit of jumping into this project of crocheting Pokeballs is that they can be finished relatively quickly, especially in comparison to Pokemon‘s titular creatures. While some of the sewing to connect all the separate pieces can take some time, smugglehog mentions in comments on the post that each Pokeball only takes a couple hours, as opposed to half a day like trying to recreate Pikachu or Charmander. As a result, this could also make for a nice project for anyone still trying to get into crochet that becomes rewarding pretty fast, especially as the artist starts to get into a rhythm.

For anyone looking to get their hands on any of these Pokeballs themselves, they aren’t exactly for sale just yet, but smugglehog did mention in some replies about wanting to sell them in packs. Additionally, the artist did toss around the idea of posting the patterns to Instagram on a later date as well, for any fans who want to try tackling the project themselves. So, while it might not be a piece of official Nintendo merchandise, there might be a few ways for more fans to get their hands on these new Pokeballs in one way or another.

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