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A fan of the Pokemon Mimikyu has imagined a variety of new disguises for the mysterious Ghost-Fairy Pokemon. While no one would likely be fooled by the disguises, it’s safe to say that some would be charmed into using these alternate variants of Mimikyu anyway.

Since its debut in Pokemon Sun and Moon, Mimikyu has been a breakout star in the Pokemon franchise. Mimikyu is by nature a lonely Pokemon who wants affection, but humans will allegedly die the instant they see Mimikyu’s true form. To combat this, Mimikyu wears a poorly-crafted shroud in the image of Pikachu so it will be loved. While fan theories about Mimikyu’s origins can be frightening, many find the sad little monster adorable regardless. Between its aesthetics and its useful battle Ability, Disguise, Mimikyu is a mainstay in many players’ teams and hearts.

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As drawn by Reddit user CerberossArt, Mimikyu assumes the appearance of all 24 starter Pokemon to date. Some of these are definitely more successful than others. Cyndaquil and Rowlett, in particular, bear some resemblance to their inspirations. Others, like its disguises for the Generation Five starter Pokemon Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott, are less convincing. Of course, no matter the disguise, the telltale eye holes on the shroud give away Mimikyu’s true identity.

It would be interesting to imagine Pokemon protagonists getting a Mimikyu in place of a traditional starter Pokemon at the beginning of their journeys. Mimikyu’s reliance on Ghost, Fairy, and Dark type moves would be a far cry from the simple Water, Grass, and Fire attacks that characterize the start of every Pokemon game. Game Freak is beginning to show some willingness to experiment with new ideas for starter Pokemon, so it’s possible something like this could actually come to pass in the future.

In all fairness, if Mimikyu received official redesigns with these starters in mind, it might look a bit creepier than what the art envisions. Fan cosplay projects have exposed Mimikyu’s darker side; after all, it has thrown together its costume from whatever it can get its hands on. Since it uses a twig as a Pikachu tail, it would probably have to do something similar for features like Snivy’s tail, Sobble’s head crest, and so on, resulting in a less wholesome look overall.

It’s entirely possible that the Pokemon franchise has big plans for Mimikyu down the road. Mimikyu is available in Pokemon Sword and Shield, meaning it survived the removal of the National Pokedex when many of its fellow Pokemon did not. Given the series’ newfound focus on regional forms for pre-existing Pokemon, it’s easy to imagine Mimikyu receiving some kind of new design the next time the Pokemon franchise introduces a new region.

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