Pokemon: Every Town & City In Kanto, Ranked According To Population

The Kanto Region is where things all started for an entire generation of Pokemon fans. The setting for the original Gen I games, the Gen III remakes and the Gen VII Let’s Go titles, Kanto has been thoroughly explored and expanded upon by Game Freak over the years.

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Kanto is home to many interesting people and locations in both the games and anime. As one of the most popular regions in the Pokemon universe, Kanto stands as an iconic locale which most fans can identify. There are plenty of cities and towns found in Kanto that give it the charm and recognition it enjoys today. This is how they all rank when taking population into account.

10 Cinnabar Island – 9

Cinnabar would have been higher up on this list had it not been for a certain incident that decimated the once prosperous town. Prior to the volcanic eruption that took out most of the island, Cinnabar boasted a population of 36, which would’ve been one of the highest in the region.

Initially home to a Pokemon Center, the Cinnabar Gym, Pokemon Mansion and Cinnabar Lab, the island lost all but the Pokemon Center which had to be rebuilt. With many moving away due to the disaster, its population now stands at a modest 9, making it one of the smallest settlements in the Pokemon world.

9 Pallet Town – 10

A relatively small and quiet town, Pallet Town is where players kick off their Kanto Journey. The area is notable for being home to Professor Oak’s Lab, where one of Kanto’s three starters will be given to aspiring young trainers.

With a population of 10 (8 permanent residents alongside the main character and their rival) Pallet Town is one of the smallest towns players will come across. What it lacks in demographics it more than makes up for in scenery and location, as it’s conveniently right in the middle of Route 1 & 21, which lead to Viridian City & Cinnabar Island respectively.

8 Lavender Town – 30

Lavender Town is one of Kanto’s most well known locales, possessing an eerie atmosphere and rich history both in and out of the games. The town is notable for once being home to Pokemon Tower, a macabre and gloomy burial ground home to hundreds of Kanto’s deceased pocket companions.

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The building was later converted to the Kanto Radio Tower, and most of the deceased Pokemon moved to the House of memories as a result. Despite the peculiar atmosphere, Lavender Town still boasts a fairly large population.

7 Pewter City – 30

Pewter City is home to many different attractions, but none stand out as much as the Pewter City Gym. Led by Rock-type specialist Brock, Pewter is the first challenge that players will face during their Kanto journey. Aside from the gym, the city is also home to the Pewter Museum of Science where players can notably claim the Old Amber needed to get Aerodactyl.

Pewter is one of the more modestly populated cities in Kanto, though it’s still a fairly dense area with plenty of homes and places of interest that can serve trainers well along their adventures.

6 Cerulean City – 33

Cerulean City is home to a number of important landmarks players will come across during their Kanto adventures, none more important that Cerulean Gym. Led by Water-type specialist Misty, Cerulean’s gym is the second challenge facing players on their journey through Kanto.

Aside from the gym, Cerulean is home to the bike shop and Cerulean Cave. The latter of the two houses some of the strongest Pokemon in Kanto, and is most notable for being the dwelling of legendary Pokemon Mewtwo.

5 Viridian City – 34

Viridian City is an incredibly important stop on players’ journeys for a number of reasons. It’s where the old man teaches you how to catch wild Pokemon, and Viridian Gym ends up being the last gym players must clear before taking on the Elite Four.

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Aside from that, it’s also home to the Pokemon Academy and later on the Trainer House. Though players pass through very early on in their journey, Viridian’s importance isn’t fully realized until much later on in the Kanto adventure.

4 Vermilion City – 34

Vermilion City is the third stop on trainers’ Kanto badge collection journey, and is home to the Vermilion City Gym. Led by the electrifying Lt. Surge and his Electric-type roster, Vermilion is an important stop players have to make.

Aside from the gym, Vermilion is most notable for being home to the Vermillion Harbor which has docked notable ships such as the S.S. Anne, S.S. Aqua and Seagallop.

3 Fuchsia City – 36

Fuchsia City might not be the biggest city in Kanto, but it does have one of the largest populations in the region. Fuchsia’s gym is led by Poison-type specialist Koga in Gen I & III, but is taken over by his daughter Janine in later generations.

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Fuchsia is full of places of interest, even when looking past its gym. The most notable of these is the Safari Zone where various rare Pokemon can be caught. Other than that, the Pokemon Zoo stands as another notable place of interest. Gen III also added the Move Deleter who can be a very useful ally for players wanting to rethink their team comp.

2 Saffron City – 47

Saffron City is most notable for being home to Psychic-type specialist Sabrina and her Saffron City Gym. While Saffron’s gym is its largest attraction, the city itself is a key part of Kanto’s infrastructure.

Saffron is home to the Fighting Dojo, where players can receive either a Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan. Other places of interest are the Copycat House, Silph Co. Head Office and Mr. Psychic’s House. Saffron serves as a connection to many areas in the Kanto region and will always be one of its most important hubs.

1 Celadon City – 68

A massive city, Celadon stands as one of Kanto’s most important and essential locations. Most notable for being home to Erika’s Grass-type Celadon Gym, Celadon has a multitude of places of interest for trainers to visit.

The Celadon Department Store is home to all kinds of useful items and TMs. Players will also find Celadon’s Game Corner and Move Tutor alongside the Rocket Hideout among other places of interest. As Kanto’s largest city, Celadon has plenty of important places players will want to visit on their journey.

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