PlayStation's Mark Cerny Won't Platinum Games With Online Multiplayer

PlayStation platinum trophies often times take quite a lot to earn, which should come with the territory of trying to unlock every single trophy a game has to offer. However, there are plenty of games with nearly impossible platinum trophies to get, which often sucks a lot of fun out of the trophy hunting experience that PlayStation consoles offers.

Now, Mark Cerny, PlayStation’s lead designer and frequent design consultant, has talked about one of his personal experiences with a disheartening multiplayer experience. The experience itself revolved around Resistance: Fall of Man for the PlayStation 3, which was so disheartening it made Cerny swear off platinum trophies that involve online multiplayer.

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The news comes by way of a Game Informer interview with Mark Cerny, in which he talks at length about his fascination with the PlayStation consoles’ trophy lists for the various games on the platform. The full interview is a very interesting read and goes pretty in-depth on some of Cerny’s platinum trophy efforts, from his very first platinum trophies to some of his latest trophy accomplishments. However, one interesting tidbit came from Cerny speaking about earning the platinum trophy for the online vehicular soccer game, Rocket League. When talking about his experience getting the Rocket League platinum trophy, Cerny mentions that this is the only multiplayer-centric title he has the platinum trophy for, following a negative experience earlier on in his career.

The negative experience in question revolves around Insomniac’s Resistance: Fall of Man for the PS3. While Cerny was working on the Resistance: Fall of Man design team, he was very confident in his skills playing the game. Cerny said, after playing the game for “hundreds of hours” he was able to finish the entire campaign on the hardest difficulty with relative ease. However, after playing the game online during the weekend it released, Cerny was being “dominated” by players who had only just picked up the game. As a result, Cerny swore off earning platinum trophies that involve multiplayer.

It seems this experience rocked Cerny’s confidence when it comes to earning platinum trophies that involve multiplayer components. It’s certainly understandable, as trophy hunting can be a massive time commitment even when playing offline or alone. As such, striving to get a platinum trophy that requires players to test their skills against some of the best players online can be quite daunting. What’s more, is that some of these multiplayer platinum trophies are unobtainable due to the nature of online gaming, such as servers shutting down.

So, while Cerny is an avid trophy hunter, it seems that he is also well aware of his own limits. Still, Cerny has earned some truly impressive platinum trophies over the years. Recently, Cerny touted his Demon’s Souls platinum trophy on social media, which is a very difficult platinum to earn. Despite not going for PlayStation’s more multiplayer-centric platinum trophies, there’s no doubt that Cerny is quite the trophy hunter in his own right.

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Source: Game Informer