Every screen capture in the PlayStation Blog is a great example of just how gorgeous video games can be.

Arguably the funniest image from the post comes courtesy of TheFourthFocus, depicting the standout section from Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding where players are avoiding the massive BT whales. It shows Sam on top of a building as one of the gigantic oily creatures looms above, and the picture would probably be a great representation of the moment without any special touches. However, TheFourthFocus’ spin on the piece really brings it together, as Sam can be seen making finger guns at the BT whale — showing no fear.

Another great image sees Dande_Lion55 having a quiet moment in Ghost of Tsushima’s beautiful world. Jin Sakai can be seen resting with one of the game’s foxes, the delightful creatures that guide players to special charms. Instead of using the fox to get an item, though, the in-game photographer kneels by its side. With the light coming through the tree branches that rest above the pairing, and every detail on both the Fox’s fur and Jin’s outfit standing out, the eye-catching screenshot is amazing.

The PlayStation Blog post also includes several great character portraits, including Doom Eternal’s Doom Hunters and Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Cloud. A heavily edited shot of a Storm Trooper preparing to launch a rocket at Cal in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is another great picture included in the post, as it shows just how detailed the armor worn by the foe is.

Xenolith3D’s portrait of Ellie stands out, as it showcases the level of detail in the character models of the award-winning The Last of Us 2.

With 2021 bringing more PlayStation games and photo modes to use for screenshots, the next Share of the Year should be just as exciting as this one. From God of War’s sequel to Horizon Forbidden West, PlayStation fans should have plenty of opportunities to blow their fellow gamers away with their in-game photography skills.

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Source: PlayStation Blog