PlayStation Now Adding Big Games for April 2021 | Geisha411

It may not get as much attention as some other video game subscription services, but the value offered by Sony’s PlayStation Now is nothing to scoff at. For the uninitiated, PlayStation Now lets players stream and download games in exchange for a monthly fee, with the service comprising mainly of PS3 and PS4 titles. Sony regularly adds new games to the PlayStation Now service, and it has since confirmed the titles fans can expect this month.

Beginning Tuesday, April 6, PlayStation Now will be adding three games to the lineup. The headlining title is arguably Marvel’s Avengers, which launched just last September. A 4-player co-op live-service game, Marvel’s Avengers has admittedly struggled to maintain an audience, but its addition to the PlayStation Now service should open it up to many more players. Marvel’s Avengers will be available to PlayStation Now subscribers until it is removed from the service on Monday, July 5.

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Another big game coming to PlayStation Now on April 6 is Borderlands 3. The hit looter-shooter from Gearbox Software launched a couple of years ago to mostly positive reviews. Since its launch, Gearbox has released a number of paid expansions and free updates to add even more content to Borderlands 3, ensuring a lengthy adventure for anyone that gives it a shot. The game will be available on PlayStation Now until Wednesday, September 29.

And finally, the third game added to the PlayStation Now games list for April 2021 is The Long DarkThe Long Dark is a survival game where players have to survive against subzero temperatures and other threats. Sony did not clarify exactly how long The Long Dark will be available through PlayStation Now, so fans may want to prioritize it if they are hoping to play it before it’s removed from the service.

Those interested in trying PlayStation Now but have never done so before will soon have the opportunity to do so. Sony will be launching a new PlayStation Now free trial period that begins Wednesday, April 7 and lasts seven days. While the free trial is active, users can access any of the games in PlayStation Now’s extensive library, including Marvel’s AvengersBorderlands 3, and The Long Dark.

With Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service offering brand new games on day one, it will be interesting to see if PlayStation Now ever follows suit. It seems Sony is more interested in offering brand new free games through its PlayStation Plus program, as is the case with Oddworld: Soulstorm, which is one of the free PS Plus games for April 2021.

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