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Arguably one of the best horror games of 2020, Kinetic Games’ indie psychological horror title Phasmophobia has continued to implement new changes and bug fixes in 2021. Recently, the development team posted that the game will receive an update to resolve more quality-of-life issues, particularly the ghost event objective that can randomly appear on the whiteboard at the start of every mission.

Since its Early Access release on Steam, it seems that horror fans have thoroughly enjoyed ghost-hunting in Phasmophobia. And as the players continue to explore the different available stages, the development team has done their best to keep their interest alive by adding a new prison level and seasonal in-game items, and carrying out constant updates to fix recurring bugs or in-game issues.

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In a recent Twitter post by Kinetic Games, the development team stated that they are making some specific fixes and changes within Phasmophobia. The most interesting one is that seeing a ghost, or having a ghost walk towards a player, will now count towards the “witness a ghost event” objective. This objective can sometimes be found on the objective board at the start of each mission.

For fans who have been clamoring for this fix, this is a great new change, considering some situations in Phasmophobia can make it difficult to stimulate the ghost into appearing or interacting with objects found around the stage. Some types of Phasmophobia ghosts are more shy than others, making it challenging for players to complete the specific objective in some levels. Other minor fixes in the update include fixing issues with the Asylum doors, flickering lights, the clock buzzing sound inside the truck, and retaining player’s sanity after their death.

With the rest of 2021 to add more content in-game, fans are likely expecting a lot from Phasmophobia and Kinetic Games. Hopefully, the development team will continue to listen to their fan base by adding a more explorable stages, or different ghost types, for a nice new twist to the ghost-hunting experience.

Phasmophobia is available to play on PC.

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