Persona 5 Royal: The 10 Strongest Personas From The Moon Arcana (& Their Cheapest Fusion Recipes)

Throughout history, people have been fascinated by the Moon. As the closest celestial body to the Earth, it not only influences the tides and the life cycles of many animals but the minds of people as well. This notion is also represented in tarot card decks, making the Moon Arcana appear as one of the most interesting.

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In tarot readings, drawing the Moon card is often associated with a connection to the unseen, illusions, darkness, and psychic tendencies. As with all the Major Arcana in Persona 5 Royal, the in-game Arcana that represents this tarot card reflects similar traits, with many of the summonable personas in this group being mysterious or evil figures from religious tales and folklore from all over the world.

10 Onmoraki

The game’s description mentions that Onmoraki is a monster with the body of a bird and the head of a man, yet it looks more like an onion connected to the full body of a fried chicken. Even more hilariously, it is often depicted breathing fire, which is quite suitable for obvious reasons.

As one of the weakest personas in the Moon Arcana, however, this weird-looking level 12 spirit doesn’t offer too much to the player after the very earliest parts of P5R besides a lightly damaging Fire attack and some skills that can confuse foes. They can be fused from Obariyon and Silky for $8,758.

9 Black Ooze

It’s clear from this persona’s appearance that Black Ooze is a reference to an archetypal kind of creature known as “Slimes.” These gelatinous foes became popular in many fantasy games since their introduction as common, low-tier enemies in many Dungeons & Dragons campaigns and resources.

In Persona 5 Royal, they possess skills mainly pertaining to inflicting status ailments like fear and brainwash, though also have some physically damaging skills that can hit adversaries for moderate impact. This level 18 blob can be called upon by mixing together Archangel and Slime for $15,310.

8 Sui-Ki

Being able to create floods and freeze things makes Sui-Ki fit into the Moon Arcana fairly well since the Moon has immense influence over the tides and also because the temperature drops at night. This Japanese demon has appropriate skills that revolve around dealing Ice damage to foes.

They also have a couple of passive skills that help them avoid the Fire attacks and take no damage from enemy damaging Ice skills. At level 24, they can be fused from Oni and Suzaku for $26,542.

7 Kaguya Hime

Originally from a Japanese folk story called The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, Kaguya Hime was said to be a baby found within a bamboo shoot who grew up to be a beautiful woman. When she reached adulthood, however, it was revealed that she was originally from the Moon when her people descended from the skies to take her back home.

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As with many DLC personas, this Moon maiden has two forms: her base one at level 16 and a Picaro mode at level 25. Both have skills pertaining to reflecting and repelling physical attacks as well as including useful healing skills. Also, like her DLC persona kin, she cannot be fused from base-game personas, making the only true fusion to acquire her real money and an internet connection.

6 Mothman

One of the few personas to reference modern cryptids, Mothman stands out from those based on the ancient lore of established religions or folktales that date back hundreds of years. Many consider the legends surrounding this winged beast who flits about the night to be shocking and confusing.

This is accordingly represented by their in-game appearance by wielding a few Electric skills as well as those that confuse enemies. At level 33, this mysterious fiend can be fused from Kin-Ki and Fuu-Ki for $41,500.

5 Girimehkala

A demonic pachyderm from eastern mythology, Girimehkala is said to have immense cursing power that it can unleash with its single, huge eye. Aptly, they have a Curse-type skill in P5R with a moderate chance of instantly killing a single target.

At level 43, if one trains them a bit, they can acquire a powerful passive skill that lets them automatically repel all physical attacks. This evil elephantine beast can be called upon by merging Kaiwan and Ara Mitama for $71, 902.

4 Tsukuyomi

In Shintoism, Tsukuyomi is the god of the Moon born from the right eye of the creation god Izanagi and is also the brother to the gods Amaterasu and Susano-O. In both their regular level 50 and their Picaro level 55 forms, this celestial deity has a severely damaging Curse attack. They also have a rare Almighty-type skill that lets them drain an adversary’s HP or SP, depending on their form.

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Their Picaro body also has the tremendously useful passive, Spell Master, which halves the cost of all SP skills. As a DLC persona, one will need to purchase this one from the online store before they can use him in combat.

3 Lilith

This figure from the Christian bible is considered the be the very first demon and the mother of many more. Her rebellious nature caused her to be cast out of the Garden of Eden, which is reflected in her skills from one of the more caustic elements.

She has a couple of Nuclear-type skills that deal heavy damage to foes as well as a passive one that strengthens them by a sizable 50%. This level 60 fiend can be summoned by polymerizing Ananta and Queen Mab for $117,451.

2 Byakhee

This strange amalgamation of many different animals is understandably alien in origin. They usually act as steeds for those mighty enough to summon them or act upon the desires of their lord, the King in Yellow, Hastur. This Lovecraftian beast possesses a couple of heavily damaging Fire attacks as well as a severely damaging physical one for a well-rounded offense at level 70.

Additionally, they have the trait, Heated Bloodline, which reduces the cost of their Fire skills by a notable 50%. They can be called upon by fusing together Forneus and Yatagarasu for $214,300.

1 Sandalphon

As opposed to many personas in the Moon Arcana, Sandalphon the angel is neither mysterious nor evil in their original lore. However, it’s often described as a “dark angel” despite being either an archangel or seraphim instead of a nephilim. Appropriate for their high level of 75, they possess powerful skills such as Mahamaon, which has a moderate chance to kill all foes instantly.

They also have the rare skill Megidolaon, which delivers severe Almighty damage to all adversaries. Before one can summon this supreme angel, they will have to max out their social link with the Moon Arcana’s confidant, Yuuki Mishima. After meeting this criterion, players can fuse them from Chimera and Quetzalcoatl for the price of $287,398.

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