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In Path of Exile, it’s the Witch that does the burning at the stake. As the quintessential magic user of the given classes, gamers will automatically gravitate toward this choice if spellcasting is in their veins. As a result, it’s one of the most commonly played classes because new players are enticed by her magical prowess, lore, and build potential. These same players are in for a rude awakening as the Witch is also one of the most abandoned classes after the first few acts.

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This has nothing to do with the Witch’s inability to fight. In fact, experts agree that she’s perhaps the best choice to beat all ten acts of the game with. The problem is that she requires careful, creative, and particular skills, gear, and gems to succeed. There are several builds that can function well, but all of these builds require focus and planning. Here is some advice for the pros to take that Witch and turn her into the most feared class in the game.

10 Being A “Tank”

Surprisingly, the Witch is actually one of the best and most complete tanks in the game. There’s plenty of things to rage about, like the harvesting nerf, but Witch players will have to shut their traps when it comes to being squishy.

The Energy Shield is based on mana, and the Witch never lacks for that. Unless getting really creative, she is an invalid main tank for parties because of an affinity for spell gems that don’t draw attention, but her immunity granted by the shield will outshine both the Templar and Ranger as far as taking any source of damage and surviving.

9 The Glass Cannon Potential

Getting hit is part of the game, but if any class has the right to become a glass cannon, it’s this one. So while Eldritch Battery, a passive skill that turns the Energy Shield into mana, is suicide for other classes, the Witch can make it work.

This will be the polar opposite of tanking and it’s not recommended unless players have a group of allies. With a group though, this gives the Witch a mana source that even the experts have a hard time depleting. It helps to figure out how to trade with this skill selection so that full sets of damage gear can be acquired.

8 Use Intelligence Skill Gems

There are a plethora of tasty spells for dexterity and strength that fit the Witch’s abilities nicely. However, unless planning to invest in these skills, the Witch has an advantage in intelligence, and forfeiting that advantage should not be taken lightly.

Path of Exile is one of only a few looters to remain alive in 2021. That’s because every class is so customizable and yet maintains a distinct feel. The Witch’s “feel” is channeled best through active intelligence skills, so stick with those.

7 The Chaos Inoculation Gambit

Tons of gamers are playing isometric action RPGs as they wait for Diablo 2: Resurrected to make its debut. Each one of these games needs a trick to make players feel vulnerable no matter how many layers of defense they are wearing. In this game, that comes in the form of chaos damage.

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Witch players will have to grapple with the passive skill ‘Chaos Inoculation’ which will set health points to one but will also make the class immune to this damage source. Witches should consider this if they have a substantial Energy Shield, but be aware of the cost before making the selection.

6 Abuse The Witch’s Ascendancy Luck

While the debate rages over who has the best Ascendancy choices in the game, there is little argument that all three of the Witch’s Ascendancies are overpowered. Rookies sometimes make the mistake of trying to make a balanced choice.

This is the worst time to be balanced. With the Necromancer, go all-in on minions. With the Elementalist, maximize magic damage. With the Occultist, deal chaos damage and become immortal. Any of these choices will make the Witch the best at what the player wants to do.

5 Have Dynamic Spells

Many Witch builds written by mid-tier players name their build after a single spell. The idea is that this spell is so powerful that every piece of gear and skill should go into performing this one attack at a top-tier level.

This is highly unfair to beginners who require guidance. It takes at least two active spell gems to do area of effect damage and single-target damage. Plus, diversifying damage sources means never running into an enemy resistant to all spells the Witch has at her disposal.

4 Mixing Auras With Minions

For those who are playing the summoner style of Witch, they’ll be pleased to see that minions can do almost everything. They’re valuable at tanking, doing damage, and pulling off the perfect heist.

The best way to maximize their effectiveness is to stack auras on them. These benefits will obviously help them with things like additional damage and resistance, but it will also work for the Witch, making auras a two-for-one smart choice.

3 Experiment With Summon Types

Leveling up in Path of Exile usually entails burning some bridges while reinforcing others. Thankfully, the minion boosts are mostly general enough to play around with. And this is something the pros insist on doing.

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It’s always good to experiment with the various golems, skeletons, and spectres to find a personal preference. But experts will also advise not to write off anything; some minions are great for one act while others are better in another. Stay fluid and use whatever minion best fits the situation.

2 As Good As Supports Get

Tempting as it is to be the very best tank, damage, or summoner, don’t discount that the Witch has the capacity to be the very best support player in the game. Groups that are serious about tackling the toughest content will always bring along a support Witch.

Her huge mana pool gives her the benefit of having several auras going. Additionally, she can curse every enemy on screen and apply various debuffs. Having one in the party feels like easy mode. The other classes might feel stronger with her around, but it’s the Witch pulling all of the strings.

1 Craft A Wand To Level

Witches are encouraged to experiment with a variety of weapons that act as vehicles for their spells. In the late game, this character has a great deal of freedom to pick up and use a litany of offensive selections.

It’s highly recommended to level up with the Thunder Lord’s Goat’s Horn to start with. It’s easy to craft (it only requires a magic wand, a resist ring, and an alternation orb). This increases spell damage by 10% and adds a level to elemental gems socketed into it. These are colossal advantages in the early going and should take players through the mid-game.

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