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Outriders, the new third-person action game from People Can Fly, pits players against a harsh world filled with super mutants and hordes of henchmen with guns. Despite a rash of server issues, many players are still having a fun time and are wondering how to play the game with their friends.

Outriders can support multiplayer sessions for up to three players, and setting up a multiplayer game couldn’t be easier. By opening the main menu, players will see a “Play With Friends” button on the right side. This will bring up a list of all the people on a player’s friend list that are currently online. Clicking the people that players want to explore the game with will allow them to send invites.

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Players who wish to join up with friends on other platforms will need to turn on OutridersCrossplay feature. Players will need to open up the main menu, then go to the Options menu. Under Gameplay, they will be able to find the option to enable Crossplay. Players will then need to create a code by hitting the “Generate Your Game Code” button on the main lobby screen. They can then send the code to friends who can hit the “Join a Game Using Code” button and input the code to join them.

At the moment, the Crossplay feature is still in beta, so it may have intermittent problems or be completely turned off by the developers. Playing with friends should allow players to take on the highest possible World Tiers, even if they struggled with them on their own. The advantage to this is better loot and rewards.

Outriders‘ most powerful items, like legendary weapons, have a better chance of dropping from enemies and other loot sources at higher World Tiers, making it the best way for players to get their hands on the most powerful loot in the game. The fast players can get through this content, the more rewards they are likely to get. As such, playing with friends should ensure faster clear times of the game’s content and more loot.

Despite some server issues, Outriders has had a strong launch, helped along by its availability on Xbox Game Pass, precisely because it provides a high energy, frenetic dose of action gaming that players are embracing. Combining skills across different classes in multiplayer can lead to some spectacular screen-clearing damage numbers and an explosion of enemy body parts that is great fun for gamers.

Outriders is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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