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Outriders, the new game by People Can Fly and Square Enix, launched with some mixed feelings thanks to server issues. Despite all the misfortune, gamers still got into the game and tried out every class, messed around with abilities, and figured out which ones are the most powerful.

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Each class offers something great in battle. The Trickster can teleport behind enemy lines and quickly cause mass mayhem. The Devastator is the tank that can take on enemies while taking a punch. The Technomancer, a sniper, a gadget user, and the Pyromancer can burn their enemies alive. Each class can be overpowered with the right tools and abilities.

4 Trickster

The Trickster offers some great skills that are useful to get behind enemies, avoid damage, and cause some devastation. Some of the skills players will want to cling to once they have them all unlocked are Twisted Rounds, Venator’s Knife, and Time Rift. Each of these skills can help the Trickster control the battlefield and take out enemies quickly.

To break it down, Twisted Rounds is the primary damage skill that any Trickster will want to keep. It enhances the bullets in the Trickster’s equipped gun. These bullets deal significantly more damage and can make it incredibly easy to kill enemies. Plus, the Trickster can get mods that increase the damage further and make it last for multiple clips.

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Venator’s Knife allows the Trickster to throw out a knife that ricochets off up to five enemies. Each enemy that is his by the knife gets marked. The best part of this skill is that the next shot on each marked enemy deals double damage. This can be devastating for most enemies on the battlefield, especially when combined with Twisted Rounds.

The Time Rift skill creates a shockwave that lifts every enemy within range up into the air. Each of these enemies is helpless and, when combined with the other two skills, can annihilate enemies easily. Another skill worth mentioning is the Hunt The Prey skill. This skill is great for maneuvering battlefields.

3 Technomancer

The Technomancer can function in a supportive manner while also be capable of taking out enemies quickly from a far distance. A sniper rifle is the Technomancer’s best friend and the class’s skills are just icing on the cake. Players who want their Technomancer to shine on the battlefield for both damage and healing will want to take the Blighted Rounds, Tool of Destruction, and Fixing Wave skills.

The Blighted Rounds skill infuses the Technomancer‘s bullets with the toxic debuff for a short while. Popping a couple of enemies with these rounds will leave a lingering poison that will help drain their health. Tool of Destruction enables that Technomancer to pull out a rocket launcher or a minigun. This is great for thinning out crowds of enemies. Fixing Wave is useful for when the Technomancer and their allies are low on health. This skill shoots out a wave of energy that heals allies no matter what distance they are from the Technomancer.

A great substitute for Blighted Rounds is Blighted Turret. A bonus of having a turret skill is that the Fixing Wave skill can also heal turrets.

2 Pyromancer

The Pyromancer, like the Trickster, can ultimately destroy the enemies quickly without much trouble. The Pyromancer has skills that can be used over a great distance than other classes and is great for playing mid-range DPS.

Some of the best skills that the Pyromancer can possess are Thermal Bomb, Volcanic Rounds, and Feed the Flames. Thermal Bomb has a far range that can hit an enemy a decent distance. Hitting a distant enemy with this skill will burn them, but killing them will cause them to explode. This explosion can greatly damage nearby enemies and is good for a little crowd control.

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Volcanic Rounds, like other class skills, infuses the bullets of the Pyromancer’s gun with flaming rounds. This is great to help deplete enemy health bars and causing the burn status effect. The Feed the Flames skill is useful for getting health back. If a player is having trouble getting health back, Feed the Flames will pull health in from an enemy while also catching them on fire. Players who don’t need the health benefits will instead like the Ash Blast skill. This will help immobilize the enemies and inflict more damage than Feed the Flames.

1 Devastator

The Devastator, or the tank of the group, can be built to survive hit after hit while also dishing out damage to enemies. Some players can get the Devastator to deal massive amounts of damage while some stick to the ideal tank style. To maximize the effectiveness of the tank style, players will want to stick to three main skills, Golem, Reflect Bullets, and Impale.

Golem fortifies the Devastator and protects them against sixty-five percent of all incoming damage. Nothing says tank more than bolstering oneself with great armor. The Reflect Bullets skill helps further the protection by creating a barrier in front of the Devastator to catch bullets for a short time. When the time is over, the damage is reflected back at the enemies. This skill is great for protecting allies and hitting multiple enemies at once. Impale helps allies by creating an area of health regeneration if the skill kills the target it’s aimed at.

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