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After multiple delays and a successful demo launch earlier this year, Outriders has finally launched in full. While appearing like a class-based live service enabled action-RPG in a similar vein to Destiny 2, People Can Fly has taken a different approach. Outriders is intended to be a complete experience on day one, stripping away reliance on live service elements as many games have begun to do in this day in age.

With four very different classes to pick from, loads of loot to chase, different world tiers to explore, and an endgame that doesn’t fully open up until after the campaign has ended, People Can Fly intends for Outriders to have legs even without endless updates and expansion add-ons down the road. Outriders is also aimed to be a full experience for players, featuring tons of customization options and added options including an Accolades System.

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Rewarding players for playing Outriders, here’s everything that players need to know about Accolades.

Players should think of Accolades in a similar way to achievements or trophies. Instead of being external recognition, Accolades are a way for players to keep tabs on how they’re doing in-game. Categories include everything from specific weapon type kills, story progression, class-specific awards, enemy hunts, and much more. Unlocking individual Accolades raises the player’s overall account level.

Most Accolades have five tiers of increasing requirements to unlock and certain ones even have rewards that are granted to players for reaching certain milestones. For example, players gain Accolades from killing enemies while aiming down the sights of their weapon, starting at 250 and going all the way up to 2500 in order to reach tier 5.

In total, Outriders comes with 91 total Combat specific accolades, 70 based on story progression, 48 based on enemies, 17 teamwork related accolades, 82 for item management, and then 42 for each specific class.

In addition to individual rewards tied to specific Accolades, Outriders rewards players based on their overall Accolade level as well. This is the cumulative score earned across the entire account and each character created. With every new Accolade level reached, players will unlock new cosmetic rewards ranging from banners, to emotes, to special Convoy paint. The higher the level, the better the rarity is on the items awarded.

In addition to account level, rewards also have accolade requirements as well. At level 2, players won’t get the Strung Together and Pattern 1 banner materials as well as the Salute emote until they have earned 10 accolades on the character and their account as a whole. Individual accolade levels stays at 10 until level 17 is reached, while the Cumulative Accolade requirement goes up by 10 each time. So at level 3, players will need to have a cumulative 20 accolades unlocked to earn the associated level rewards.

The highest Accolade level is 22 which requires 20 individual accolades to be unlocked and a cumulative 250 across the entire account. However, the awards appear to be well worth it with 4 Epic level customization items like the Bulldozer Convoy, Raptor’s Gaze banner, Pattern 16, No Friend No Problem emote, and the rear hunter convoy item which is listed as uncommon.

Outriders is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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