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Outriders has finally arrived, and for the most part, People Can Fly’s looter-shooter is a blast. The classes are diverse and unique, and the upgradeable skills are extremely satisfying to use when wreaking havoc upon hordes and hordes of enemies. The gameplay loop of finding, replacing, and upgrading gear is also very well-executed.

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Although neither developer will outright confirm or deny this fact, Outriders is a game that can potentially dethrone Destiny 2 as the best looter-shooter out there. To achieve that, however, People Can Fly and Square Enix need to take a long, hard look at their product. They can still improve upon certain aspects of their game that may distract players from the overall great experience that Outriders turned out to be

10 Crossplay Should Be The Default Setting

One of the things that sets Outriders apart from other multiplayer titles is that the game delivered on the promise of full crossplay capabilities from day 1.

When the game launched, though, a lot of players initially missed out on this option, as it is not the default matchmaking setting in the game. It has to be enabled in the game’s preferences. According to the in-game disclaimer, the reason behind this is that Outriders’ crossplay is still in the beta version. However, it still should be the default setting. Should issues arise, the game could simply match players with those using the same platform.

9 Improve The Interface On Consoles

On PCs, Outriders’ interface works flawlessly. The cursor is an intuitive and comfortable way to tinker around in the game’s menus when using the mouse and keyboard as the primary input devices.

The same cannot be said about this type of design on consoles, though. Moving the cursor from one end of the screen to another feels like a chore when using controller’s analog stick. It also makes it nigh impossible to quickly get something done in the inventory. To fix this, the developers can change the console’s UI to one where moving the stick results in highlighting adjacent tiles.

8 Sort Out The Server Situation

Launch-day server issues have been a plague for a lot of the games released in the last console cycle. Sadly, it looks like it’s going to stay that way this generation, too.

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Problems with the servers on April 1st were understandable. However, these connection issues persisted in the following days. Many players complained about getting randomly kicked out of the game, or spending too much time waiting around for the connection. People Can Fly are serious about challenging Destiny, then sorting out the servers should be their top priority.

7 Add More Classes

The four classes available in Outriders offer players plenty to dig their teeth into as they start out in the game. In the long run, however, the limited choice when it comes to playstyles can have an impact on the game’s replayability, even with great endgame content to keep players busy.

There are quite a few builds that could easily fit into the game. What’s more, it’s not unreasonable to expect expansion packs and DLCs with additional classes coming around in the next couple of months. Despite the explosive nature of Outriders, a stealthy, sniper-focused class would be a welcome addition, just to name an example.

6 Add More Class Skills

With each class having eight unique, powerful skills to choose from, they are more than enough to get through the game, especially given the fact that they’re all upgradeable. Combining powerful Anomaly skills together to unleash devastating combos is fun, but upon progressing further in the game, it may leave players wishing for more.

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Simply adding the option to assign a sub-class to a character could expanding their arsenal of skills and result in some interesting builds. This would add even more variety to the already-satisfying gameplay.

5 Handle Sidequests Differently

In a game like Outriders, a co-op looter-shooter with constantly increasing world tiers, having replayable sidequests is the way to go. Design-wise, however, the developers could have done a much better job when it comes to accessing already-beaten quests.

The grey exclamation points symbolizing completed side quests fill up the map quickly, causing unnecessary clutter. Additionally, in order to replay the quest, players need to travel to the quest giver on the map. Simply adding a menu where players can access completed sidequests and replay them instantly would clear all of that map clutter up, leading to a smoother experience.

4 Players Should Have Organic Opportunities To Discover Lore

The journal and glossary in Outriders contain plenty of interesting lore. This includes information about Enoch, the civil war between the ECA and the Insurgency, and many other facts that players would otherwise never gain access to.

Unfortunately, sifting through walls of text can quickly get dull. Adding more audio-based collectibles that players can listen to as they go about their business (similar to the ones in Horizon: Zero Dawnwould get these story beats across to more people. Since the lore in Outriders is definitely worth exploring, this would definitely enrich the experience.

3 Fix The Cover Mechanics

Back in the heyday of cover shooters, the market was oversaturated with third-person titles that relied on the gameplay loop of sticking to walls and peeking out to shoot up enemies. However, the vast majority of them were hastily made, and the cover mechanics were more of a hindrance than a useful gameplay element.

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While the cover mechanics in Outriders aren’t terrible, they could do with some improvement. For example, holding a button to quickly switch covers doesn’t always work out. It often leaves the player wide open, vulnerable to enemy attacks. As it stands now, there’s little incentive to use the covers at all. This is especially true for players who use Anomaly skills, many of which grant instantaneous healing.

2 Improve The Level Design

This is perhaps the aspect of the game that needs the most work. The graphics and atmosphere of most areas are spot-on; however, the location design can get a little boring and repetitive after hours of gameplay. It’s often the same corridor-like pathways, arena-like areas with a lot of covers for shootouts, and a final space featuring the conclusion of a specific quest.

Of course, this is not to say that Outriders should be turned into an open-world title. In fact, the closed-ended levels feel like a breath of fresh air in the AAA space oversaturated with open-world experiences. However, it wouldn’t hurt to add a little more flair to the level design in future updates. Adding more verticality, for example, would be a step in the right direction.

1 Fix The Crossplay Issues

Not having crossplay as the default setting is not the biggest problem that Outriders’ developers are facing when it comes to cross-platform multiplayer. Ever since the game launched, players have struggled to join up with their friends on other platforms.

This issue seems to affect PC-consoles crossplay the most. People Can Fly recognized this particular issue two days after launch, temporarily removing this option from the game (Play Station and Xbox crossplay remained functional). However, if this doesn’t get fixed promptly, it can deter many players from Outriders.

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