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Nintendo has not come forward about the Nintendo Switch Pro, Nintendo Super Switch, or whatever it ends up being called. In fact, the company has suggested otherwise, saying there would be no Switch upgrade anytime soon. The language here is clearly carefully plucked though, because “soon” is highly relative. Later this year isn’t technically soon, as much as it technically is too.

Despite mum being the word from Nintendo, the upgraded Switch console practically has to exist. There are too many reports on it for it not to; even Samsung has seemingly hinted at producing OLED screens for the new hybrid console. For now, it remains to be seen exactly what this is, but with it said to release late this year, many are likely to ask the same question it did of the PS5 and Xbox Series X: how much is it going to cost?

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The latest Nintendo Switch Pro info drop beats on several of the same ideas that have been tossed around. According to it, it’ll feature a 7-inch 720p OLED screen, DLSS, a better CPU, more memory, and a lot of games to compliment it. This is generally what’s to be expected, especially in terms of memory for the Switch, but the improved screen and more are still no laughing matter. Based on this same report, it seems that many are expecting the Switch Pro to come in between $349.99-$399.99.

For comparison, the standard Switch still comes in at $299.99 (despite being four years old), while the Switch Lite retails at $199.99. This, with the fact that Nintendo hardly puts its products on sale and how the Switch still outsold the PS5 at launch, means that these prices are still likely locked for quite some time. Offering entry points at $199, $299, and $399 makes sense, though there are a few caveats with this line of thinking. First, the Switch will go down in price eventually. It may not be much, but at some point, eventually, some day, fans can probably find these the standard and lite versions in the $179-$249 range.

With a Switch Pro releasing, this would make even more sense. $349 seems like the sweet spot, which would tie in well with that, because $399.99 puts it in range of other consoles. Again, that’s not to say the Switch Pro wouldn’t sell at $399.99—it certainly would—but at that point, it’s impossible to ignore alternative options.

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While both of Sony and Microsoft’s flagship consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Series X respectively, come in at $499, they offer cheaper alternatives for next-gen gaming. PS5 fans can pick up a digital edition at $399.99, while the Xbox Series S comes in at $299.99. For years, Nintendo has played to the beats of its own drums; there’s not exactly competition between Nintendo and Sony, or Nintendo and Microsoft. However, a Switch Pro priced at $399.99 does seemingly enter the ring of the PS5 Digital and Xbox Series S.

It says something, for sure, that the best experience Nintendo can offer its fanbase comes in at this price, while this is the “cheap” entry point for Sony and Microsoft into next-gen gaming. In other words, if fans have the pocket cash to pick up one of these consoles, then choosing between the Xbox Series S, PS5 Digital, and Switch Pro becomes a decision. No one could fault fans for choosing either over the Switch, at least at launch, and that’s not to say anything about demand. Next-gen consoles are notoriously hard to find, and given the popularity of the Switch, it seems the Switch Pro release is fated to the same thing.

Certainly, there are many diehard Sony or Microsoft households that have a Switch; many who already have a PS5 or Series X will not likely hesitate to fill up those launch queues. It’s not necessarily a choice for everyone, but the price point of $399.99 does put it into competition. As such, there’s plenty of reason to think $349.99 would be a more comfortable range, even if that somehow forces Nintendo to lower the base consoles. Such a decision, after all, would then beg the question if the console is worth picking up over a base Switch for just $50 more (that could be where Nintendo Switch Pro exclusives come in).

The bottom line: $399.99 is probably the highest it can go. It’s not a bad price point, but it would also be stepping into the ring of next-gen gaming with the PS5 Digital and Xbox Series S. Neither of those consoles are lightweights, so the Nintendo Switch Pro would want to make sure it does have something to show fans it’s worth it. It almost certainly would be, but there’s no ignoring that a choice between a Switch Pro, PS5 Digital, and Xbox Series S would be just that in this scenario: a choice.

Right now, the Switch occupies its own space and is enjoying its almost-singular popularity. A slightly cheaper price point would more or less maintain that, but given $399.99 can get a PS5 with all the bells and whistles but just digital games or the Series S which is arguably the best entry point to next-gen gaming right now, Nintendo has to make the argument that the Switch Pro can compete with these consoles. There’s nothing to say it can’t, but the argument would have to be made nonetheless.

The Nintendo Switch Pro is reportedly in development.

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