Nintendo Renews Poke Ball Plus Product Certificate Amid Diamond and Pearl Remake Rumors

While rumors of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes have been quite popular as of late, they have certainly ramped up recently, especially seeing that Pokemon‘s 25th anniversary takes place this year. Along with the coming of Pokemon Day this weekend, fans expect to learn news about the franchise regarding its anniversary celebrations, plans for the year, and most importantly, new mainline entries in the series.

While most of the information surrounding new Pokemon games comes from supposed leaks and rumors, and not from Nintendo or The Pokemon Company itself, fans have made it clear that they think the franchise’s 4th generation games are due for remakes on the Nintendo Switch. Now, following a tweet from The Pokemon Company seemingly hinting at Pokemon Let’s Go-styled remakes, fans discover a recently renewed product certificate for the Poke Ball Plus accessory.

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Along with the Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! games, Nintendo simultaneously released the Poke Ball Plus accessory, a controller shaped like a Poke Ball meant to complement the games’ new Pokemon GO-like catching mechanics. Fans have now discovered that the Children’s Product Certificate for the Poke Ball Plus has been renewed by Nintendo as of just last month, possibly pointing towards the accessory’s return.

Over on Twitter, popular Pokemon leaker Centro Pokemon LEAKS retweeted a post made by known journalist and video game insider Pixelpar, showing a screenshot of the recently renewed Children’s Product Certificate. Another known Nintendo insider KeliosFR chimed in, stating that the renewal was simply a result of Nintendo needing to regularly update its product certificates in order to keep selling them. However, Pixelpar replied by claiming that periodic product testing is done at least once a year, and products also need to be retested completely if something about it changes. Now, since the Poke Ball Plus was last certified in November 2018 and produced in March 2019, a complete certificate renewal this much later could mean that it is the result of either a product reprint or a brand new version.

While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, the rumor is interesting, as well as its implications. While Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! sold fairly well, many long-time fans were disappointed that the games changed the ways in which Pokemon were caught. And even though Sword and Shield returned to traditional capture mechanics, rumors that Diamond and Pearl remakes will feature Let’s Go catching continue to worry fans.

Despite adding fuel to fire of this new rumor themselves, Centro Pokemon previously denied that remakes of Diamond and Pearl will be made in the style of Pokemon Let’s Go. Regardless, it will certainly be interesting to see if any new Pokemon games are announced in light of the franchise’s 25th anniversary this year.

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