Nintendo and Hallmark Release Super Mario Valentine's Day Cards

There has been a lot of Mario related merchandise over the years, from the more regular entries like Mario action figures and Amiibos to things like the Super Mario wall trim that was available in the 90s. Continuing the trend, this Valentine’s Day finds the famous plumber with his own set of officially licensed Valentine’s cards.

The cards come courtesy of greeting card company Hallmark, which previously released several video game themed Christmas ornaments, and feature Nintendo’s main mascot on a variety of unique designs with Mushroom Kingdom-related text. The cards were revealed in a tweet from Nintendo of America’s official Twitter account earlier today, with some users questioning why Nintendo waited until Valentine’s Day before mentioning that Super Mario Valentine’s cards exist.

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The cards themselves look nice enough, with a few 3D elements and shiny foil overlays. While they aren’t the weirdest Super Mario merchandise in recent memory, with 2016’s Mario Pikachu plushies possibly taking that prize, the lack of advertising for the Valentine’s cards is certainly an odd decision. Regardless, any gamers who haven’t gotten the prince or princess in their castle a Valentine’s Day card yet should be able to run to their local Hallmark store and celebrate the occasion in a uniquely plumber-centric kind of way.

Naturally, Nintendo wasn’t the only video game company celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. Naughty Dog shared a joke Last of Us 2 Valentine’s Day card on Twitter, and GOG launched a massive, site-wide sale to mark the occasion. On top of that, another video game publisher had an entirely different reason to celebrate February 14th.

Media Molecules’ game creation system, known as Dreams, celebrated its one year anniversary today, and many fans took to Twitter to wish the title a happy birthday. From romance to birthdays, February 14th has been a busy day in the video game world this year, that has also spawned quite a lot of unique merchandise.

Of course, those video game fans who are in relationships – or are pursuing them – aren’t required to make any purchases in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Any gamers who don’t wish to take part in the corporate side of the holiday can stay home and play some great multiplayer games with their significant other, but for those who don’t mind spending a few bucks in the name of nerdy love, Super Mario Valentine’s Day cards are available now from Hallmark.

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