New Super Nintendo World Videos Detail Mario Kart Ride and More

Much excitement was created when Nintendo and Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan first announced that they were creating a Super Nintendo World section of the theme park. Now, new detailed footage of the park’s upcoming rides and features have surfaced online, showcasing what fans can expect to experience when they finally get to visit Universal Studios Japan.

News of Super Nintendo World was first released back in 2016, and Nintendo fans have eagerly been following the park’s development progress. Constantly giving updates, Nintendo has already shared some of the park’s features to the public, including how the unique Power Bands will work, and even launching a highly-detailed dedicated website. But fans will likely agree that none of these updates compare to seeing actual live footage of the theme park itself, even if the company has generously given fans a tour with its own Shigeru Miyamoto.

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In a recent and massive upload, Universal Park News Today shared a boat-load of photo and video posts that delved deeper into the rides based off of Nintendo’s ever-popular Super Mario series, the merchandise shops, character meet-and-greets, and even themed cafe food that can be found in Super Nintendo World. 

One of the website’s highlights include the augmented-reality Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge ride, which allows visitors to experience what it would actually be like to compete in a Mario Kart race. Another post also delved into the POV ride, Yoshi’s Adventure, which places fans in a short adventure through some of the familiar scenery found in Yoshi’s Island. Fans will likely enjoy these highlights as they are taken through the full experience of queuing up, walking around the themed areas, and finally, running through the ride itself.

Universal Park News Today also demonstrated how visitors can choose and set-up Super Nintendo World’s Power Bands. Fans will likely find this interesting and useful, given that the park is home to a host of Super Mario-themed mini-games. Other footage also showcased meet-and-greet photos with the park’s titular characters such as Mario, Princess Peach, and Toad, as well as the different themed merchandise and food items that visitors can purchase around Super Nintendo World.

With the sheer amount of information made available, Nintendo fans are most likely filled with anticipation about when the park will finally be open again. However, given the current state of Japan during the COVID-19 pandemic, fans may have to wait until the section comes to Florida in 2023 to experience all the Super Mario activities Universal Studios will have to offer.

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Source: Universal Park News Today