New Pokemon Snaps Features Full Voice Acting for Cutscenes, Gyro Controls

New Pokemon Snap

Various publications recently went hands-on with New Pokemon Snap, Nintendo’s sequel to Pokemon Snap from 1999, and revealed several new details. These include full voice acting for the cutscenes, which is a first for the series, and additional gameplay details. Check out the previews below courtesy of IGN, Nintendo Life and Game Informer.

The Switch title also supports Gyro controls, though players can still use the analog stick for controlling the game. Branching paths are also a thing with the beach environment having an alternate route (though how many other paths exist remains to be seen). Players can also customize their in-game character, changing its hair, skin color and gender.

Along with taking photos and using Lumina Orbs and Puff Fruit, players can also press X to scan the environment and obtain information on surrounding Pokemon (with some even reacting to the same). Depending on the time of day, different Pokemon could behave differently – like an Exeggutor that is active in the daytime and sleeping at night. Unfortunately, the title won’t support Pokemon Home or save data from other games.

New Pokemon Snap is out on April 30th for the Switch. For more details on the Lental region and the game’s social features, head here.