New Destiny 2 Mod is Essential for Boosting Boss Damage

The Bell of Conquest appeared with Destiny 2‘s Season of the Chosen as the update’s seasonal artifact, and it comes with some fairly interesting new mods for players to take advantage of. However, the most exciting among these would have to be the Sundering Glare, a mod with a description stating: “Rapid precision hits versus distant targets weaken them for a short duration.” In other words, it debuffs enemies that players manage to land rapid, consecutive headshots against.

What makes this particular Destiny 2 mod interesting is that it can allow players to cut through bosses like hot butter. YouTuber Scrub proved this during a Deep Stone Crypt raid run, where he recorded a showing of the mod’s power against Taniks. Scrub, and his team managed to outright kill the raid boss in a single DPS phase — Taniks is there one moment, and gone the next. This is possible because Sundering Glare is a debuff that stacks with pretty much any other useful buffing/debuffing mechanic.

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For example, Sundering Glare can stack with Destiny 2‘s Divinity, which, for those that don’t know, triggers a debuff in enemies that acts as a 25% damage increase for the player. It also makes every shot a critical hit. On top of this, Sundering Glare works with Weapons of Light and applies itself to Power ammo. If all that weren’t enough, there are no caveats to how Sundering Glare triggers, meaning so long as a player is a least 40 meters away and landing headshots, the buff will activate — even if the enemy is invincible.

Because the Sundering Glare counts as an enemy debuff rather than a player buff, only one fireteam member needs to run it for everyone to reap the benefits. The enemy is debuffed, so it’s weak to anyone that attacks it. This same concept applies to Divinity, which essentially leaves the rest of the team free to use whatever Power weapons they want against their targeted boss. With how powerful these combos are, it’s inevitable for the Sundering Glare not to become Destiny 2‘s new meta.

It’s almost certain that Bungie will end up nerfing the Bell of Conquest’s new mod. As it stands, it’s fairly easy to see why the developer would think it to be a little too powerful. After all, it does trigger against invincible enemies, which doesn’t help when it’s capable of oozing out so much damage against endgame bosses. If the mod does get nerfed, though, hopefully, it’s not into the ground, and it maintains its newfound usefulness in the meta for those that want it.

Destiny 2 is on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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