Mr Beast Bought Out A GameStop Store, But He Could Have Made A Huge Profit if He Bought Stock Instead

Mr Beast’s most recent show of generosity manifested in a video of the YouTuber buying out five different stores, one of which was a GameStop. However, with the recent explosion of GME stock as a result of ambitious Redditors, the content creator said he would have made some serious cash if he’d bought GME stock instead.

Mr Beast is one of YouTube’s most popular content creators, known for his charitable contributions. While most of these fall under the category of giving large cash amounts to individuals or charity organizations, the YouTuber has also given shout outs to smaller YouTube content creators, shooting their subscriber counts well over 100,000. Philanthropic contributions like these are what earned him Content Creator of the Year at the Streamy Awards 2020.

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In a tweet on January 29, Mr Beast made light of the situation with GameStop stock, posting an image of himself and his team after buying out a GameStop store. The store itself was empty, save for a few boxes, posters, small LCD screens, and the island seen in all GameStops. “Wait a minute, you guys are buying GameStop stock? I thought I was supposed to buy an actual GameStop… Whoops,” tweeted the YouTuber, with many fans quickly getting in on the joke.

In a quick follow up, Mr Beast reflected on the amount spent buying out the GameStop, saying “if I would have invested the $80,000 I spent last month buying this Game Stop, into their stock, it’d be worth like $1,200,000 lol.”

What’s interesting is back in July 2020, Mr Beast posted on r/WallStreetBets with an offer to invest $100,000 into whatever the top reply was a week from then. A handful of Redditors attempted to steer him in the direction of GameStop, but other stocks won out. Speculation in the subreddit around the time the video was posted hinted at Mr Beast having the monetary power to trigger the squeeze, though by now it’s clear that the subreddit decided to do that itself.

With the likes of several Wall Street firms and trading app Robinhood limiting most traders from buying $GME at their leisure, investors may see the rapid rise of the stock slow down over the coming weeks. On the other hand, Mr Beast could have an idea for a creative way to boost the GameStop stock, and with high-profile celebrities such as Jon Stewart speaking out, it’s clear this is only the first act of a long financial saga.

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Source: Dexterto