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Whenever a new game comes out in a series, like Monster Hunter, the age-old fan question that immediately pops up is, “which is better.” When comparing scores, it could be as easy as a numbers game. Right now, Monster Hunter World is winning with a 90 on Metacritic with both the PS4 and Xbox One versions whereas Monster Hunter Rise has an 87. 

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There are more issues than mere numbers can summarize. Both games are fantastic for both veterans and newcomers, but there are certainly aspects of each that one does better. For fun, let’s add them all up to see if that Metacritic score is right. 

10 Load Times: Rise

The load times were the worst part about the launch PS4 version of Monster Hunter World. They were improved on the PS4 Pro and on PS5, but they are still not as fast as the load times on the Switch. They are the best in the series so far. It’s actually kind of astounding given that the hardware tends to break with modern games. Monster Hunter Rise is like proof that the Switch still has more life in it despite a Pro version of its own. 

9 Graphics: World

Monster Hunter Rise looks great on the Switch for what it is. If one squints enough they might even think they are playing Monster Hunter World. They both look aesthetically the same, in other words.

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However, if one compares the two, even with a base PS4, it’s clear that Monster Hunter World is still the graphically superior game. 

8 Your Hub Town: Rise

Both hub areas of these games are very lively. However, Monster Hunter Rise’s hub village has just a bit more vibrant life to it. It’s also much easier to navigate since it isn’t segmented into various levels like a tree fort. Both games had fast travel to warp around town, but Monster Hunter World always took a while, making it less ideal especially compared to Monster Hunter Rise’s aforementioned superior load times. 

7 Environments: World

Monster Hunter World is not exactly an open-world game but it’s close. The game broke new ground for finally opening up zones into not being their own loading areas anymore. That is also to say that these areas were absolutely huge and brimming with monsters and secrets. Monster Hunter Rise plays off of that idea as best it can with fairly big environments, but nothing compared to Monster Hunter World.

6 Pets: Rise

Palicos are the mainstay mascots of this franchise. However, Monster Hunter World introduces not one, but two new pet creatures. The first are the Palamutes, which not only accompany players into battle like the Palicos, but they are also like horses, meaning that one can ride them. Not only that, but you have eyes in the sky too via Cohoots, although one can’t literally control them as they survey the area. The point is, the more pets the better.

5 Crossover Events: World

This is kind of an unfair advantage. Monster Hunter Rise will assuredly have crossover events at some point. Pretty much every entry has had several. Monster Hunter World upped the ante for the series though. There was Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, Geralt from The Witcher series, Dante from Devil May Cry, and so many others. The question then is, can Monster Hunter Rise outdo Monster Hunter World? One word of advice to Capcom in order to win it: Pokemon. 

4 Bugs: Rise

Monster Hunter World made the series more accessible in several ways. One of which were the guide bugs that helped track down monsters. Monster Hunter Rise eliminated that idea, always showing monsters on the map instead, thus doing away for the need of them. They were replaced with another insect though via the Wirebugs. These little critters not only act like grappling hooks, but one can mount monsters easier with them too. 

3 Food: World

Both games have exquisite looking food. However, while the various dango treats do look tasty in Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Hunter World just has more variety. 

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Everything looked so good in that game. It even inspired Capcom to put out a cookbook along with a limited time cafe in Japan. 

2 Monsters: Rise

Both games also had a lot of monsters in them. While Monster Hunter World had a lot at the start, and more down the line through DLC and updates, Monster Hunter Rise just seems more jam=packed. It also introduces eight new large monsters to contend with, with some real ringers out there like the monkey bat creature, Bishaten, or the yeti, Goss Harag. Plus the Palamutes and Cohoots should also count along with two smaller monsters. 

1 Verdict: Rise

Monster Hunter fans will undoubtedly be pleased by both titles. They each offer their own strengths to the table. However, while Monster Hunter World does look better and is bigger as the main pluses, Monster Hunter Rise is just a better-balanced game for newcomers. Sure, it’s technically a smaller experience but it still feels huge. It really does feel like the true successor even though it isn’t called Monster Hunter World 2

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