Monster Hunter Rise Is Reportedly Out In The Wild With Spoilers And Details Leaking Out

Monster Hunter Rise

One of the most anticipated games of 2021 will be out later this month in Monster Hunter Rise. This will be the second game in the series after Monster Hunter World took the franchise to levels untold. Capcom has been in the process of marketing the hunting action in the game, and it also has its second demo. Unfortunately, it seems as if the game is out there a bit early.

Multiple reports from people online, specifically at the game’s official subreddit, have popped up to state that the game has shipped early from Amazon. There are videos out there, and plenty of spoilers and details about what monsters are featured and the overall structure of the game and fights. Monster Hunter has never been a story heavy series, but no doubt, there are still those who want to experience things for themselves. We won’t be covering any of that here, but if you want to avoid as much as possible, then you may want to stay away from Monster Hunter content until the official release.

Monster Hunter Rise will officially release on March 26th for Nintendo Switch with a PC version planned for next year.