Monster Hunter Rise is Now Available on Switch

Monster Hunter Rise

The hunt begins again – Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise is out now for Nintendo Switch. Set in Kamura Village and its surrounding areas, the story sees the player battling monsters new and old while trying to stop the Rampage. Check out the launch trailer below.

Along with a new setting, Monster Hunter Rise also offers new gameplay elements like Palamutes that accompany players on Hunts. There’s also the Wirebug which can be used for traversal and new Silkbind abilities on each weapon. New monsters also abound like Goss Harag, Khezu and the new flagship Magnamalo along with Wyvern Riding, which allows for riding stunned monsters to combat others.

The Rampage is also an interesting new activity as players set up defenses and fight off waves of monsters. It adds a tower defense-like complexity to the gameplay and allied NPCs can join in to help as well. Though Monster Hunter Rise is currently exclusive to Switch, it will also be coming to PC in early 2022. Stay tuned for more details until then.