Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Well-Done Steak for Elder Fugen

Monster Hunter Rise, like other Monster Hunter titles, has many quests for players to tackle, both offline and online. Early on in the game, the elder of Kamura Village, Fugen, will have a side quest for players to complete, and it involves finding a piece of Well-done Steak. He only needs one for the quest to be completed, but if players are unfamiliar with some of the survival aspects of Monster Hunter Rise, this can be tricky. Luckily, this guide will help new players cook the steak so they can get rewarded with some Potions. Now, Potions are very common, but completionists will want to make sure to get this task done.

If players look inside of their item box, which is located nearby the Elder’s spot, they can find an item called Raw Meat, which is meat that is carved from monsters and can be cooked to become a tasty Well-done Steak. Now, players will need to take that Raw Meat, place it in their inventory (item pouch) and then go out to the field via a quest. It doesn’t matter which quest is chosen, as long as players can use their items like normal.

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Once players are in a quest, they will find an item in their pouch called a BBQ Spit –it’s colored red and should be right by the other fixed items like the Whetstone and the Throwing Kunai. As long as players have some Raw Meat in their pouch, this item can be used. It’ll make a fire pit appear and an animation will begin to play out.

Players will want to keep the meat cooking for a few seconds until it changes color (should be a short moment after the jingle stops playing) and if done correctly, the Raw Meat will be transformed into a Well-done Steak. If the player leaves the food cooking too long, it’ll get burnt. If that happens, players can try it again until they run out of Raw Meat. However, players can carve monsters to get more.

Once the meat is all done and cooked, players should go back to the Elder whenever they end up back in Kamura Village. If players want to eat the steak themselves out during a hunt, the food will fully restore the player’s stamina level, which is the yellow-colored bar underneath the health bar on the left side of the screen.

Monster Hunter Rise is available for the Nintendo Switch. Capcom is also planning to release a PC version in early 2022.

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