Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Powertalon and What It Does

Just like in previous games, Monster Hunter Rise offers players a chance to permanently boost their attack stat using the Powertalon item. Naturally, something this useful can’t be obtained too early on in the game, so players will first need to get to High Rank in order to start the process of crafting a Powertalon. While held in the item pouch, a Powertalon increases the hunter’s attack stat by 9 points, and although this may seem somewhat miniscule, every bit helps and it doesn’t require the player to use the item or anything like that. Getting a Powertalon is a multi-step process, however.

In Monster Hunter Rise, players will want to boost their attack as high as possible in order to deal more damage to monsters. This will in turn make hunts go much faster, which will then help players gather materials to create more weapons and armor. While upgrading weapons is the main method of increasing the attack stat, getting ahold of a Powertalon is a great way for everyone to increase their attack as well.

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The first thing players will need to do is purchase a Power Charm from the merchant. This item costs a hefty 36,000 zenny and is only available after players unlock High Rank quests by defeating the Apex Arzuros Urgent Quest. If possible, players should consider buying two Power Charms, as one of them will be crafted into the Powertalon and the other one can be kept for even more increase to the attack stat. Having a Power Charm in the player’s inventory increases their attack stat by 6 points.

With a Power Charm in hand, players will need to combine it with an Ibushi Claw+, a High Rank only item that can be obtained when hunting an Ibushi. To have the best odds of getting this item, players should be sure to break the Ibushi’s wing arm for an 80% chance to receive it as a reward, pick up any shiny materials the monster drops for a 20% chance each, and carve the monster for a 21% chance to get the Ibushi Claw+. To help with this, players should use this tip to get more monster parts from hunts.

After obtaining an Ibushi Claw+ and a Power Charm, players can combine them to craft a Powertalon. As previously mentioned, this item stacks with the Power Charm, so if players buy a second Power Charm after crafting the Powertalon and bring both of them along on hunts, they can get a total of +15 attack permanently. The same is true for the Armor Charm and Armortalon, but these will provide +30 defense.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Switch.

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