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Like past Monster Hunter titles, Monster Hunter Rise gives players access to over a dozen different weapon types. There are heavier weapons like the Great Sword and the Hammer and lighter, more agile weapons like the Insect Glaive and the Sword and Shield. Luckily, players that want to experiment with different types will be able to use whichever they please and then go from there with whatever upgrades they want to work towards. But for some odd reason, the intro of Monster Hunter Rise automatically equips a Long Sword to the player. Here’s how to change weapons so that players can pick something that suits their playstyle.

Once Monster Hunter Rise players have access to Kamura Village and are able to freely walk around, players should head towards one of the item boxes laying around the village. There’s one nearby the village quest counter and there’s another one in the gathering hub where players can take on online missions.

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Face the item box, and then press the A button to open up its menu. From here, players need to click on “Manage Equipment,” and then “Change Equipment.” From this screen, players can click on the weapon on the top of the list and then switch it out with one of the other 13 Monster Hunter weapon types. Now, the weapon will be equipped to the player for use on any hunts. Players can repeat this process if they would like to try out another weapon, but they should be aware that these weapons are low-tier and will need to be upgraded at the Smithy if players want to use them for more advanced quests.

If players feel like they’re not getting much out of their current weapon out there in the field, they can choose to upgrade each weapon but it will require certain materials and other resources. Hamon the Blacksmith is located right next to the Village Quest Counter and he’ll be able to help troubled hunters out. Most early weapons will need Iron Ore and Zenny in order to be upgraded. Money can be obtained by completing quests or selling items, and Iron Ore can be mined at several mining spots in the first area of the game, Shrine Ruins.

Monster Hunter Rise is available for the Nintendo Switch and a PC port is expected to release in early 2022.

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