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Monster Hunter Rise will take players across all kinds of gnarled landscapes that are crawling with a variety of monsters to slay. This latest installment of the Monster Hunter franchise will introduce both new and old monsters to battle with. Although some can be straightforward regarding their defeat, others take some careful consideration and patience. Ibushi is one encounter in Monster Hunter Rise that can be a jarring experience if players don’t take time to first get things in order.

Ibushi is one of two final bosses in Monster Hunter Rise and she is a “Wind Serpent” that’s accompanied by Narwa, who is the “Lightning Serpent.” Players will encounter her during “The Rampage” quest toward the final stretch of the game. This quest will entail defending Kamura Village from various waves of monsters until Ibushi finally decides to come down from the clouds. Ibushi can be intimidating when players first see her, but with the right equipment, she can go down pretty easily.

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After a rather harrowing fight at Kamura Village, Ibushi will come flying into the battlefield. The main gate will most likely become open and she will fly in. Grapple up into the upper mines on the left side to run after her and gather resources that are hidden within the shafts. Players will end up in another segment of Kamura Village that’s more open and has a number of platforms to use. The first thing that should be done is to activate as many cannons as possible and keep her away from the next major gate.

Try and set up the cannons that launch fire attacks, because Ibushi is especially vulnerable to fire. If players manage to get too close to Ibushi, try and attack her either at her head, arm, chest, and tail. More specifically, hit the windsacs that are hidden in her arms, chest, and tail to do massive damage.

Ibushi can be dangerous at any range, so hit and run tactics should be used here. If possible equip fire, dragon, and water element weapons to inflict over 20 damage. The most damaging would be hitting the windsac at the end of the tail using a dragon element. This can do up to 35 damage with the right timing. Ibushi is a fluid dragon and she will move around constantly. It’s advised not to stay in one spot for very long, but keep moving and launch projectiles from cannon to cannon. Use the grapple to zip around with pace and to avoid her projectiles, plus it’s worth pointing out that poison is also one of Ibushi’s greatest weaknesses.

Always have a Palico or Palamute as a companion during this fight. They can help stun Ibushi and set her up for a flurry of hits. If the entire squad stays on top of her while she’s stunned, her health bar will chip away pretty quick. Eventually, Ibushi will admit defeat and she will fly back off into the clouds. She will leave behind an Ibushi Armor Set that can be used to build up resistance to thunder and ice attacks.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available on Nintendo Switch and a PC port is coming in 2022.

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