Monster Hunter Rise Giving Players Free Kamura Item Pack

Monster Hunter Rise has been performing incredibly on Nintendo Switch after just over a week from its official launch date of March 26. In just its first weekend, Monster Hunter Rise shipped four million copies alongside some incredibly positive reception from game critics and players alike.

Now, Monster Hunter Rise is celebrating another major milestone as the game has now sold five million copies as of April 5. To celebrate, Capcom is giving Monster Hunter Rise players a free commemorative item pack, called the Kamura Pack 1, which includes incredibly helpful items such as mega potions, mega demondrugs, and mega armorskins.

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The information comes by way of the official Monster Hunter Twitter account which shared the news on April 6. The tweet announces that Monster Hunter Rise surpassed over five million units sold worldwide. As thanks to the game’s playerbase, Capcom is sending out the Kamura Pack 1, which players can collect from Senri the Mailman in front of the Steelworks location in Kamura village. The item pack comes with 30 mega potions, 20 well-done steaks, 10 large barrel bombs, 5 mega demondrugs, and 5 mega armorskins.

Veteran players of the Monster Hunter series will recognize just how helpful some of those items can be, especially in high rank monster hunts. However, items like large barrel bombs will cost players a lot of zenny over time, while items like the mega demondrugs and armorskins take quite a bit of time to craft. Essentially, almost every item included in this free pack takes a fair bit of effort for players to get their hands on. As such, getting a healthy supply of those items is a nice free reward for players looking to clear a few high rank hunts quickly.

Luckily, getting these free items is very easy. Players must load into the game and head to the Steelworks area of Kamura village. There, players will find a palico called Senri the Mailman, who acts as player’s portal to online play and downloadable content. Players simply need to speak to Senri and then head to the section of the menu that reads “Add-on Content.” From there, players should be able to receive any and all downloadable content that they’ve received. After receiving the items, they should instantaneously be put in player’s item boxes as opposed to their item pouch.

All in all, the reception to Monster Hunter Rise, especially this early on in its life cycle, is nothing short of staggering. Reviews for Monster Hunter Rise have been excellent across the board, and while Monster Hunter games usually sell well close to release in Japan, the reception in both the west and overseas has been very positive. As such, players shouldn’t be surprised to see another Kamura Pack containing free items to show up with Senri the Mailman in the not-too-distant future.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available for the Nintendo Switch. A PC release is slated for 2022.

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