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Monster Hunter Rise has a variety of different quests for players to take on. Not only are there single-player village quests and multiplayer hub quests, but there are also sidequests that the village people will assign to the player and these can involve taking down a monster or gathering a certain item. It seems that some Monster Hunter Rise players are having some trouble with finding Gargwa Eggs and this guide will show hunters where they need to go and how to carry the egg back to camp safely.

Gargwa are those small bird wyverns that are known to be in the first locale of Monster Hunter Rise, the Shrine Ruins. They are mostly docile creatures that won’t really do too much to the player. They should be able to be found during the daytime in area 6 and the watery area just north of there.

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Players can check out the entire map of the Shrine Ruins below with red circles showing the Gargwa’s locations.

Once players encounter the Gargwa, they should attack it with their weapon once or twice. Once it’s attacked, there’s a chance that the monster will drop a shining material. If players pick it up, it’ll end up being the Gargwa Egg that is needed for some requests out in Kamura Village. Now, the egg isn’t going to just sit in the item pouch –it’s a bit more difficult than that. To actually collect the Gargwa Egg for quest completion, players will have to travel with it all the way back to the area 1 camp supply box –this is where the quest starts players out at.

While players are holding onto the egg, they are able to use the Wirebug to travel a little faster, but unfortunately, there’s no way to ride on the Palamute or use weapons. Players will have to slowly sprint their way back to the camp without dropping the egg. The egg can be dropped when players are attacked by a monster or when the Y button is pressed, but once the egg is dropped on the ground, it’ll disappear completely, forcing players to go back to the Gargwa locations and find another egg.

Once players get back to area 1, simply climb up the vine on the wall, and then press the A button once facing the blue supply box. Once that is done, the egg will finally be delivered for good.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available for the Nintendo Switch and a PC port is expected for early 2022.

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