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When the Monster Hunter Rise demo came out in January, players got the chance to test their mettle in either a beginner-level quest or an intermediate-level quest. Now, just a couple of weeks ahead of launch, the boldest hunters can see if they have what it takes to defeat the flagship monster of the new game in an extremely challenging advanced-level quest. This is the Rampage incarnate, Magnamalo.

The odds are stacked against the hunter in this new quest. There is a strict 15-minute in which to defeat Magnamalo, and the beast does massive damage against the preset gear loadouts that players must choose from in this demo version of Monster Hunter Rise. It’s an ultimate test of skill to see what players have learned during their time with Monster Hunter Rise so far. Aside from the standard advice of “learn the monster’s attack patterns,” there are a few specific tricks hunters can employ during the hunt in order to overcome the new foe.

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While there is very little time to prepare during this 15-minute demo quest, hunters should use what they’ve learned about the quest area from their prior experience to plot a route that puts them in contact with as much endemic life as possible. Endemic life in Monster Hunter Rise comes in the form of insects and other critters that grant buffs such as increased maximum health or attack power. Players will need as many of these tiny boosts as possible for the fight to come. One endemic creature, in particular, to keep an eye out for is the Wirebug, which will temporarily grant the player an extra use of their silkbind attacks or traversal techniques.

For players who haven’t touched the demo since the initial January release, it would be wise to become accustomed to the Wirebug once more. Remembering to use powerful silkbind attacks when the monster is vulnerable is the key to dishing out huge damage, and forgetting to use the highly mobile wirebug recovery techniques will lead to hurt on the hunter’s part.

Hellfire is the new danger that hunters need to worry about when fighting Magnamalo in earnest. Not only are the purple projectiles very harmful, but coming in contact with the hellish aura will inflict a blight that should be shaken off with evasive maneuvers. However, the hellblight can actually be used to the hunter’s advantage. If the hunter removes the blight by using a Wirebug dash, a fireball will be left behind that actually damages Magnamalo and potentially knocks the beast down.

Magnamalo’s hellfire may be a terrifying force, but targeting the parts of the monster’s body that are cloaked in the flame is actually in the hunter’s best interest. Inflicting enough damage to these areas is another way to knock Magnamalo down, creating a window for an all-out assault. It should also be remembered that damaging body parts enough to break them is always a surefire method to debilitate a monster and limit the scope of their movements.

For a hunter who is still struggling to find an opening to attack, tools and items should be used liberally. In the demo quest, there are Shock Traps in the campsite’s supply box. There are also forms of endemic life throughout the map that can be collected and used, like items such as the Blastoad or Thunderbeetle. Clever use of every advantage is the key to a successful hunt.

Last but not least, there’s no better way to do a lot of damage in a short time than the Wyvern Riding feature that’s brand new to Monster Hunter Rise. Aside from Magnamalo, there’s also a Rathian and Mizutsune present in the advanced demo quest. If the opportunity presents itself, mounting up on one of these other formidable creatures is sure to bring hunters that much closer to dominating their fearsome foe.

The new advanced quest in the Monster Hunter Rise demo is brutal, but it’s not likely to be indicative of the difficulty players will normally face in the full game. When players hunt Magnamalo in the retail version of Monster Hunter Rise, they won’t be bound to a 15-minute time limit and they’ll be able to use an assortment of powerful armor and weapons that they’ve crafted and upgraded. Still, the demo hunt is a great way to keep fans occupied and earn some major bragging rights while they wait to encounter an even greater number of monsters.

Monster Hunter Rise will launch for the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. The second demo is available now as a free download on the eShop.

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