Minecraft MS Paint App Translates Paintings into 3D Sculptures

A Minecraft player found a way to set up an MS Paint system that allows users to convert their 2D creations into 3D structures. Although it seems like the mechanics of the MS Paint set-up are very complex, the creator confirmed on Reddit that the machine is pretty simple to use. The system was shown through a video that includes a few examples of how it works and it has been well-received overall.

Complex builds and machines are common among Minecraft users. Thanks to the game’s actionable blocks, players can create tree farms, sorting systems, and even super smelters. One of the most commonly used materials in all of these creations is redstone, which can be used in a myriad of ways, including to create a vending machine.

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However, the 3D MS Paint build is not dependant on the extremely versatile redstone but was created using 16 structure blocks which are only available in creative mode. According to the creator, user Minecraft_Unofficial, the mechanism is simple and it works by mostly just resizing blocks. So far, the Reddit post has over 34000 upvotes and more than 200 comments, most of which are positive. Other users are urging the creator to release a download so others can use the contraption as well. Although Minecraft_Unofficial seems to be considering sharing this innovative creation, apparently there are some bugs that need to be fixed first.

The video posted on the Minecraft subreddit shows that the MS Paint system can create 3D builds from 2D drawings and not just load paintings. Apparently, the system selects which of all the different types of blocks to use for the 3D result depending on the color used to paint in the 2D version. Additionally, there seems to be a way to decide if the output will be only one block deep or if it will be repeated to create a wider structure.

Minecraft_Unofficial’s creation seems to be a great solution for players who want to expedite their building process. In particular, this tool might be useful for those interested in creating an undetailed structure. However, the system cannot offer a way to edit a world massively to create landscape replicas since the result only spawns in a designated area and it seems to be overwritten when another painting is transformed into a 3D structure.

Regardless of that, the 3D MS Paint system seems to have caught the attention of many so it might become popular if only because it seems like an amusing creation. Furthermore, Minecraft fans are generally keen on inventive contraptions and detailed replicas of landscapes that push the game’s limits in terms of creation, even if the creation is not particularly useful in survival mode.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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Source: Reddit